Fre 1 mar / År 42 / Nr 4 2023

TATAA Biocenter to offer GLP services to developers of cell and gene therapies across the world

TATAA Biocenter was first to develop PCR technology in Sweden and was also a pioneer by offering covid tests at the very beginning of the outbreak of the pandemic. TATAA Biocenter is now building Europe’s most modern laboratory for molecular analyses in Gothenburg.

Mikael Kubista, CEO TATAA Biocenter.

The team behind TATAA Biocenter has worked with molecular analyses for over 30 years. The company was established around 20 years ago and is a spin-off from research originating from the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg.

All-in on molecular analyses

When TATAA Biocenter’s researchers initiated their studies, they were among the first in the world to enter their specific field. They were the first to analyse molecules at the level that TATAA Biocenter has later on made its hallmark and built training and support systems for hospitals and diagnostic companies around.

TATAA Biocenter also developed the first covid tests but is not a diagnostics company. The assignment was accepted acting as a pure service provider in times of need, but TATAA Biocenter aims to continue focusing on its core areas; molecular analyses.

“What we do best is to support diagnostic companies and hospital laboratories, and we do that by developing the tests they need. We will not determine diagnoses, but we can perform the research needed to analyse the test results that are the basis of determining diagnoses”, says Mikael Kubista, CEO TATAA Biocenter.

Major changes for the pharmaceutical industry

A new era has begun for TATAA Biocenter. In 2021, the company made a major investment in developing services in a completely new area, Advanced Therapeutic and Medical Products (ATMP), for the pharmaceutical industry.

“The entire pharmaceutical industry is undergoing a major change, and today it is all about developing new advanced drugs that are based on nucleic acids, either for gene therapy or cell therapy. Based on new technology and methods, great success has already been seen for various cancer treatments, among other things”, explains Martin Cooke.

“The entire pharmaceutical industry is developing in that direction, and it provides a new reality for the traditional Clinical Research Organisations (CROs), which until now have handled large parts of drug development on behalf of the industry. This is where we see our main development ahead”.

World leading CRO

These new types of medicines require completely different equipment, new skills and new technology. It can be a difficult transition for many drug developers to make.

“When we received a call from Care Equity in 2020, we had not yet given much thought to developing the company into a CRO. Care Equity asked the question; would you be interested in developing the company into a world-leading CRO with a focus on cell and gene therapy? And surely, our interest was sparked”, says Martin Cooke.

Europe’s most modern laboratory

TATAA Biocenter sold all its diagnostic operations in early 2021. At the same time, it was also decided that a brand new laboratory should be set up in Gothenburg, to serve the pharmaceutical industry with Europe’s sharpest competence and technology in molecular analyses.

“We have Europe’s most modern laboratory of its kind, and we are currently in the process of implementing the final steps in GLP and GCP. The goal is to become a preferred partner in delivering GLP services to the leading developers of cell and gene therapies all over the world”, Martin Cooke concludes.