Mån 24 jun / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

Better dialogue between community and industry

One of the most important tasks that the Överkalix municipality has right now is to improve the dialogue with the local business community. A number of decisions have been made which, among other things, clarify the procurement process in order to increase the trade and industry’s opportunities to expand its business with the municipality.

Niclas Hökfors, kommunalråd.

Överkalix has started extensive work to improve its position in the Swedish Business Association’s ranking of the overall business climate in all Swedish municipalities.

“This work is all about us wanting to improve our service and at the same time be clear about what we can offer from the municipality’s side”, says Niclas Hökfors, Municipal Councillor in Överkalix.

One investment that is being made is the development of more e-services for companies, in order to raise the level of service and increase the availability of certain services. But that is not all.

Dialogue during procurements

Another area that the Överkalix municipality prioritises in the improvement process is procurement.

“An annual wheel must present the year’s procurements in full. This gives all companies good and equal opportunities to plan and prepare their business proposals. The procurement process must in addition become clearer overall. We will offer companies information about and training in our purchasing and business process”, explains Niclas Hökfors.

Before a procurement, all companies are to be invited to a dialogue meeting and then receive information about the procurement and provide views and suggestions on its design. At the same time, this contributes to strengthening the quality of procurement, which is good for the municipality.

“Another opportunity that the municipality must take advantage of is to divide larger procurements into smaller ones as far as possible. This may give the small companies, for example local businesses here in Överkalix, the opportunity to submit propositions as well”.

Working together

Creating a better business climate, with the aim of being among the best in Norrbotten, increases interest in Överkalix overall. Both new companies and new residents are welcome to establish themselves in Överkalix, a place where working together is everything.