Lör 22 jun / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

A CRO with Clinical Conduct in Focus

CTC Clinical Trial Consultants is a CRO that conducts clinical trials at their own sites. One is a 12-bed research clinic at the Akademiska University Hospital in Uppsala, dedicated to early phase (0/I-IIa) trials. Two additional SMO sites in Uppsala and one in Linköping are used for phase II/III studies.

CTC Clinical Trial Consultants AB (CTC) has a long experience of clinical trials in early phases (0-IIa) and has conducted many first-in-human studies.
”We’re not only experts in clinical trial conduct, but also in management and administration,” says Anders Millerhovf, CEO of CTC, a full-service CRO with 35 employees and an annual turnover of 40 MSEK.
One of their three clinics in Uppsala is a 12-bed research clinic at the Akademiska University Hospital, dedicated to early phase (0/I-IIa) trials. It’s situated next door to the hospital’s PET centre, making it an ideal platform for PET imaging studies.
”In addition, we have two site management organisations (SMOs) in Uppsala and one in Linköping, where we conduct phase II/III studies,” comments Anders Millerhovf.

Flexible Solutions for Optimised Studies
CTC offer flexible solutions, optimised to their customers needs.
”We never sell standardised packages. For small companies, for example, its important to build value around their products at an early stage. This can be achieved with an optimised clinical trial design. For instance, already in the first study it’s possible to make assessments of drug to drug interaction, QT observations to detect QT prolongations or checking up whether the drug has special implications for certain patient groups, such as elderly populations,” he adds.
Apart from helping sponsors conducting their clinical trials, CTC is also a good partner to other CROs, offering high scientific quality, flexibility and speed. CTC can also offer recruitment solutions for later phase clinical trials both for sponsors and CROs.