Tor 7 dec / År 41 / Nr 5 2023

A long history of firsts for Terntank

Terntank is a leading tanker operator founded on the island of Donsö, today headquartered in Skaw, Denmark. The company has a long history of firsts – it was in fact among the first to focus on tanker management; shipping bunker oil in barrels as early as 1911. The first real bunker vessel arrived in 1929, and in 1958 Terntank took a stand for the future by embracing tanker operations fully.

It is no secret that Terntank contributes strongly to the fact that many international players are interested in what is happening on the island of Donsö. In the beginning of September this year, Terntank will be able to greet some of them at the Donsö Shipping Meet. As co-founders of the event, which takes place once every two years, Terntank holds a high profile throughout the entire meet.

Meeting future requirements – today
The Donsö Shipping Meet is an entirely unique event – the first shipping get-together to gather both competitors and partners on common ground. It gradually accumulates interest from all over the world. And as mentioned previously, Terntank has a long history of firsts.
Terntank was the first shipowner to order vessels within the EU co-funded project platform Zero Vision Tool (ZVT). Terntank ordered four new product tankers at the same time, and all were delivered between 2016 – 2017. The sisters Ternsund, Ternfjord, Tern Sea and Tern Ocean are all state-of-the-art tanker vessels, all powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG). The vessels are equipped with a newly developed Wärtsilä two-stroke dual fuel main engine, and an advanced hull design from Rolls Royce. In combination, this results in massive reductions of emissions, reducing SOx by 40 percent, NOx by an impressive 97 percent, CO2 by 40 percent, almost completely eliminating particles (with 99 percent reduction), as well as cutting down noise by about 40 percent.
All vessels were delivered from AVIC Dingheng Shipbuilding Ltd, and are built in accordance with the IMO Tier III-regulations, ready to meet future environmental requirements.
“The latest investments made by Terntank are in close cooperation with customers, both regarding technical investments and operational improvements. The overall aim is to reduce the environmental footprint, which has already been done to a great deal over the past years through better planning, just-in-time deliveries and fuel optimisation”, says Tryggve Möller, CEO.
Clearly, Terntank has a strong belief when it comes to collaboration, safety and performance – and not the least with regards to reducing the environmental footprint of all operations.

Always striving forward
Tryggve Möller has, together with the team at Terntank Ship Management, followed the construction on site at AVIC Dingheng Shipbuilding Ltd in China since the very beginning. The fact that tanker shipping and its development have become a lifestyle is clear. The same is true for Rigmor Möller and Annika Kristensson, also at the helm of Terntank with Tryggve Möller.
Terntank has always been a forward-thinking company, daring to think differently and investing in new innovations before anyone else. Ever since the tanker shipping company was founded at the end of the 1950s it has been at the forefront of development, granting a long and impressive track-record of firsts which has led up to a prime position today.
And thanks to the latest strategic investments in favour of the environment, Terntank can count on being a leader in the client-oriented tanker transporting chain, especially favouring products of less environmental impact in Northern Europe.