Mån 17 jun / År 42 / Nr 1 2024

A long track-record of success for Actemium

Actemium sets the highest of standards in Onshore Power Supply installations (OPS). With unique competence and ongoing innovations, Actemium can handle even the most complex projects where the demands on delivery and reliability are among the greatest in the world. That is why port after port can be added to the company’s track-record, the latest being Port of Visby.

Actemium has been a leading supplier of Onshore Power Supply-connections for several years. In the OPS business area, the development of VINCI Energies’ and Actemium’s unique connectivity technology for docked vessels is ongoing. The company is de facto one of very few players in the world that can deliver mobile power solutions within OPS – and possibly the only one who can guarantee reliability year after year.
“Being able to use land-based power (OPS) while docking is already a requirement in some ports, and we can expect even tougher requirements in the future. Our recent developments are just right on time”, says Ingemar Gustavsson, Business Unit Manager at Actemium in Stenungsund, Sweden.
Actemium is a Pan-European company which has been established in Sweden for a long time, previously operating under a different name. The new name indicates that all companies and business units under the parent company VINCI Energies are striving towards common goals.

Antwerp and Dunkirk
In many projects, competence from several business areas within Actemium are required to make the final delivery. After several successful projects in Sweden, Actemium is looking for further opportunities of expansion and particularly across the European market. In fact, this is already way underway with several completed deliveries of both stationary and mobile OPS-connections.
“Our twelfth OPS-facility was a mobile solution at the Port of Oslo. We have developed a unique mobile application in-house at our workshop in Stora Höga, Sweden, and have subsequently transported it to the Port of Oslo for deployment. Our delivery after that was to the Port of Visby, Gotland, and we have signed orders for connections to Dunkirk and a Letter of engagement to Antwerp”, Ingemar Gustavsson explains.
All projects show the depth and width of Actemium’s all-inclusive operations, offering both stationary and mobile solutions in critical environments. And as more and more ports get their OPS-connections, interest accelerates.
“The connections are regarded as part of a valuable service that the port can offer to shipping companies, and most likely very soon all ports in Europe will be able to offer OPS”, Ingemar Gustavsson adds. He continues: “These investments contribute to better marine environments and thus they are crucial in the sustainability work at the ports”.

Taking on the rest of Europe
Actemium has built most of the existing OPS-connections in the Nordic region. All installations are remotely monitored to facilitate a high level of service and maintenance. All knowledge gained over the years will of course benefit new clients.
“When all Swedish ports have OPS-connections, we will become even more active in the rest of Europe. We have in fact already started counting on projects far down in the southern regions of Europe. It’s going to be a most exciting future for us at Actemium”, Ingemar Gustavsson concludes.