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A one stop shop for polymer products

Research and development combined with commercial awareness and a strong market position with a number of production sites across the globe, Nolato Medical successfully combines the best of both worlds. With over fifty years of experience and access to expertise through the entire Nolato Group, Nolato Medical is a one stop shop for polymer products and a strategic partner for any forward striving medical technology and/or pharmaceutical company.

The mission of Nolato Medical is essentially to help customers create better products. “Based on decades of expertise, as well as state of the art technology and modern production sites, Nolato Medical provides assistance before, during and after the development process. All phases of development are covered, from early prototypes and tool simulation to assembly design, risk analyses and validation”, explains Business Area Manager Christer Wahlquist.

Regional expertise a pure advantage
With over 10.000 employees across Europe, Asia and Northern America, the Nolato Group is one of the world’s leading developers – and manufacturers – of polymer products. Nolato Medical’s offer is extensive and includes everything from injection moulding of plastics, rubber and TPE to extrusion, dipping and injection blow moulding.
In short, a one stop shop for polymer product development and manufacturing. This provides the strength and capacity needed to support a continuous development of the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Nolato Medical has three production sites in southern Sweden; namely in Lomma, Torekov and Hörby, the latter at the same time being the company’s global center for research and development.
“Naturally, we regard the region’s accumulated expertise and knowledge as a pure advantage to our own business. It is commonly known that there is a strong heritage and tradition in southern Sweden when it comes to medical development. At the same time, we follow our customers out into the world and seek to establish business wherever they are located. In accordance with the Nolato Group’s sustainable ambition, we aim to produce and deliver high-volume products locally and specialized goods globally”, says Christer Wahlquist.

Creating better products
The headquarters of Nolato Medical’s development activities, the Hörby site, is located approximately 30 kilometers north-east of Lund. The site has recently been upgraded in terms of high-speed assembly. Christer Wahlquist outlines Nolato Medical’s customer focus:
“We put a lot of effort in supporting our customers with a long-term focus on their success. If they can create better and more efficient products, we can also benefit as a strategic development and manufacturing partner. Not surprisingly, we choose our customers carefully as we spend so much time and energy on each client. I believe this is yet another example of how Nolato Medical is set apart from the crowd”.
Nolato Medical’s close links between the development process and the production phase ensure excellent conditions for efficient production which is profitable for all involved. This provides a solid foundation for the creation of better products.