Mån 25 sep / År 41 / Nr 3 2023

A remarkable journey

The history of Ecron Acunova is an interesting story of both challenges and success, and above all about persistent work and a determination to succeed.

European CRO of National experts, Ecron, was established in Germany over 25 years ago. This was at a time when the idea of contracting research activities was new, and Ecron thus became a pioneer in its field, often responsible for drafting new guidelines for the German and European pharmaceutical industry at large.
Ecron successfully introduced operating procedures that later has been applied by all CROs in Europe, ensuring that the quality of the work was acceptable. This was widely observed by large international players and in 2007 Ecron was merged with an innovative Indian CRO, Acunova.

It started with German engineering…
Today, Ecron Acunova has a large geographical catchment area covering Europe, India and parts of Asia including China, Thailand and Singapore. A few years ago the company also established a subsidiary in the United States and the most recent investment was made ​​in Denmark, an acquisition that allowed Ecron Acunova to expand on the Scandinavian market.
“Ecron Acunova has made a remarkable journey. Starting out as a small research company in Germany and venturing out into the world, now covering the largest pharmaceutical markets globally. I think this speaks for itself in terms of determination to succeed”, says Anders Malm, Managing Director and Business Developer Europe/USA.
Ecron Acunova successfully merged German engineering with Indian expertise, and now by adding Scandinavian design the company is set on creating a sustainable offer on the global market.
“In addition to developing standard operating procedures, we also enhance the safety at patient level by selecting partners with extensive experience. Further, focusing on increased safety, we train our own staff in good clinical practice. We perform internal quality checks regularly as part of a global quality assurance program applied throughout Ecron Acunova”, continues Anders Malm.

And continues with Scandinavian tradition
Ecron Acunova has a lot to offer the expansive Oresund region and Medicon Valley. With long experience in the fields of oncology, radiology and imaging, as well as stem cell studies, Ecron Acunova shares the same vision and focus as many of the most prominent players in the region.
“We want to be part of the success of the entire region. We would particularly like to break the trend of fewer and fewer clinical trials being conducted here. We are well aware of the extensive expertise and traditions that represent Medicon Valley, our mission is now to spread the word across the globe”.
Anders Malm specifically emphasizes that unlike common belief, the Scandinavian countries have very reliable and efficient processes for approval of new pharmaceutical drugs. This should be enough to motivate for increased possibilities of locating more clinical trials to the region in the near future.