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A+ Science – a CRO Run by Its Employees

A+ Science is an employee run contract research organisation (CRO) offering full-spectrum solutions through their expertise in four core service areas.

The services of A+ Science include clinical trial management, pharmacovigilance, site management and outsourcing of consultants and research nurses. They conduct clinical studies, phase I-IV, for biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Either from start to finish, or in part, depending on their customers’ needs. They also offer medical information and regulatory affairs services and other support.

“We provide full pharmacovigilance services, pre-and post-marketing, safety database, 24/7 safety physician, back-up function during holidays, translation of pharmacovigilance and regulatory documents in Finnish as well as the Scandinavian languages,” says Tania Persson, Director of Business Development and Project Manager CME at A+ Science AB.

A+ Science also runs a Site Management Organisation, City Site, situated at Hötorget, in the center of Stockholm. It’s a reception unit in an open care environment, recruiting patients in phase II-IV clinical trials and medical device investigations within several therapeutic areas.

“Medical doctors are present at the site and the recruitment is managed according to GCP and ICH guidelines. The main goal of A+ Science City Site is to have an efficient patient recruitment that meets the objectives of each trial,” Tania Persson comments.

Increased Demand for Research Nurses
Another core service is the outsourcing of consultants to empower customer’s team, offering both short-term and long-term solutions.

“We also outsource research nurses. Since many clinics have shortage of staff, we’re witnessing an increased demand for our experienced nurses,” she adds.

Through collaborations with the Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg (since 2004) and the University Hospital of Umeå (since 2010), A+ Science offers services within Continuing Medical Education (CME). The continuing training aims to raise the performance and scientific expertise of healthcare professionals and ensure better and safer treatments for patients. This training and CME credits are required in many EU countries. The curriculum is reviewed and verified by an external group of experts in order to ensure that the content of the training has high scientific quality and is free of commercial bias. Since 2004, A+ Science has completed 68 international accredited CME courses.

“Offering full-spectrum solutions through our expertise within the core areas listed above is what makes us unique. By listening attentively to our customers’ needs we adapt and continuously develop our flexible solutions and qualified services to fulfil those needs. A monthly newsletter keeps our customers and partners updated of our activities.”

Motivated and Engaged Staff
Since December 2013, A+ Science is run by its employees and aims at becoming an employee owned company in December this year.

“Being an employee run company is a foundation for success! The personnel has chosen the management team members and sincerely shares the company’s vision, strategy and values. It leads to motivated and engaged staff in line with our vision to become the CRO best known for its unique and dedicated personnel with focus on customer satisfaction,” states Tania Persson.

In West Sweden, she believes that all parties necessary to build a successful life science region are now coming together, building trust and stability. She thinks it’s exciting with all the efforts and investments currently taking place in the region.

“I really hope for and look forward to something special during this year’s Park Annual, since it’s celebrating its 10th anniversary,” she concludes.