Sön 5 dec / År 39 / Nr 4 2021

A+ Science brings a positive view to clinical trials

A complete clinical service CRO, Stockholm-based A+ Science offers services in clinical trials for both pharmaceuticals and medical devices. The company was originally founded in 1997, and has expertise in phase I to IV trials, clinical trial management, outsourcing and pharmacovigilance.

A+ Science was founded in 1997 by a team of cardiovascular researchers around the management of a large clinical study known as ASCOT. This involved almost 20,000 patients across the Nordic regions and UK and Ireland, and resulted in changes in national and international guidelines in lipid-lowering and the optimal management of hypertension. The company expanded, opening a number of offices across Sweden, and providing clinical trial, continuing medical education, outsourcing and patient recruitment services.
A+ Science restructured and since December 2013, it has been a CRO run by its employees, with a focus on clinical trial management, outsourcing of consultants and pharmacovigilance.
“Our aim with the restructure was to make A+ Science the CRO best known for its personnel and its focus on customer satisfaction,” said Tania Persson, director of business development.

A CRO run by its employees
One of the main things that makes A+ Science different is that all of its employees are also shareholders, creating a simpler, flatter organisation.
“Everyone is an owner; there is an openness and enormous engagement from the employees. We all agree and believe that client relationships are the most important thing. Many of our clients do not have any experience from previous clinical trials, so it is very important to us that they feel confident that they have chosen a CRO partner that provides good quality services with qualified personnel,” said Persson.

Providing A+ Science services
A+ Science works with clinical trials from phase I to phase IV for pharmaceuticals as well as studies for medical devices, across all therapeutic areas. Services can be tailored to individual clients, and include writing from protocols to final reports, protocol development and submission, project and data management, clinical monitoring, pharmacovigilance, and regulatory services.
A+ Science’s proprietary POINT study web-based system is designed to support the main parts of a clinical trial in an easy and manageable way. The system has an audit trail function and is compatible with modern web browsers. It has been reviewed and approved by the Data Protection Authority and is in accordance with the Personal Data Act.
A+ Science also provides clinical trial and safety and pharmacovigilance personnel to other companies on a short-or long-term basis, from entry level to management.
The company’s plans are to grow organically, rather than try to expand quickly. To meet client needs, the company has a well-established network of partner CROs and consultants, particularly for bigger projects, or for clinical trials that extend beyond Sweden.
“Pharmacovigilance is a growing area; more and more companies are turning to us for assistance with those services. We have a fantastic and ambitious team. We can provide a full-service or customized pharmacovigilance solution or support within specific pharmacovigilance functions,” said Persson.