Tor 30 jun / År 40 / Nr 3 2022

A true leader of sustainable tanker shipping

The world´s most advanced and environment friendly product tankers belongs to a family-owned shipping company headquartered on the island of Donsö, a short journey off the Swedish West coast and part of the Gothenburg archipelago.

The Höglund family behind Furetank dates its maritime roots back to the 17th century and has been the owner and operator of product tankers since the 1950s. Always staying true to the company slogan – Not a Giant but a Leader, Furetank proves yet again that small tanker operations can be developed, renewed and transformed into a sustainable business for many generations to come.

Largest investment to date
So what is it that makes Furetank a true leader? The latest investments speak for themselves in many respects. Furetank’s newly delivered tankers sport a revolutionary hull design, are fitted with energy efficient machinery as well as the latest fuel technology making it possible to power them with LNG. As the first tanker ever, we bunkered the FURE VINGA with LBG (liquefied Bio Gas) in june last year, and will continue power the vessel on a mix of LBG and LNH from here on” says Lars Höglund.
“We dare to say that our new vessels are the most environment friendly product tankers ever built”, says Lars Höglund, Furetank CEO. “Emission of for example SOx and particles are reduced by 99 percent, CO2 is reduced by 55 percent and NOx is down by 86 percent”.
One example of the new vessels optimal use of engines and equipment is the ducted propeller, which improves thrust, making it possible to use a smaller main engine. The optimised main engine is suitable to power the cargo pumps. Maximising the usage of clean LNG, and lowering emissions also whilst in port. The ducted propeller also reduces the underwater noise which is a growing concern for marine wildlife.
“At Furetank we have, together with our colleagues at Thun Tankers and Älvtank, made our largest investment to date by ordering not one but six tankers operated within the shipping alliance Gothia Tankers. These are state-of-the-art product tankers, of which Furetank is the owner of three and our subsidiary Furetank Chartering handles the commercial management for these vessels”, explains Lars Höglund.
“In the shipping industry, personal relationships are important for creating long-term and sustainable business, and, this in particular, characterises the business of product tankers operating in regional market. Together in the Gothia Tankers Alliance, we can create even greater competitiveness for our members and partner companies”
And with decades of experience from doing business in the volatile shipping market, Lars Höglund surely knows what he is talking about.

Indications of the future
The new vessels within the Gothia Tankers alliance were delivered in 2018 – 2019, landing Furetank only with an investment of approximately SEK 1 billion.
“We are clearly indicating where we are going with our newbuildings FURE VINGA, FURE VALÖ and FURE VEN. I believe that the players who dare to invest in new technology to achieve a lower environmental impact, are the ones that will not only survive but also be economically successful. As our new vessels are already prepared for conversion to biogas. As soon as it is available on the market, we can use it to power the vessels”, says Lars Höglund.
Another feature that shows that Furetank is fully investing in Swedish shipping is that the three new vessels are operating under the Swedish flag with Donsö as their home port.
“We are happy to be a pioneer and to symbolise the future of Swedish shipowners”, Lars Höglund continues. “Personally, I am now looking forward to this year’s Donsö Shipping Meet which will start off with a large recruitment campaign. Our hope is, of course, that more people will notice what we are doing here, getting to know our industry more and to apply for a number of open positions on board Swedish vessels”.