Ons 22 maj / År 42 / Nr 1 2024

ÅF creates a competence-oriented organisation

Europe’s leading technical consultancy firm, The ÅF Group, is rapidly creating a focused and competence-based organisation. The offer is more wide-ranging than ever and built up by the collective knowledge within the entire Group. Regardless of geographical location, ÅF can offer highly specialised expertise within practically any technical field as well as in any industrial application.

ÅF continues to maintain a highly ambitious strategy for further growth; not least in the life science sector where the development of IT, electronic devices and automated systems are exceedingly prioritised. In the current process of building a skills-oriented organisation, ÅF proceeds with increased focus on complete project commitment where assignments are more extensive as well as more complex than ever before.

An integrated partner
ÅF has evidently become an integrated partner in the client’s business, not least when it comes to Embedded Systems, where the life science industry is one of the main target groups.
“While it is true that we have a strong local presence and a lot of expertise gathered here in Medicon Village, a strong geographical congregation is not all we can offer. We are involved in key projects outside of Lund and Medicon Village – in fact, within Embedded Systems, we continuously deliver turn-key solutions to clients with operations all over Europe”, says Nils Malmros, Business Area Manager, Embedded Systems.

From design to delivery – and beyond
Today, the ÅF Group maintains a holistic approach which includes everything from dealing with the IP and regulatory issues to advanced technical solutions for embedded systems.
“Within ÅF, we are able to take responsibility for everything from the design and basic stability calculations to the development of advanced supporting IT systems and beyond. This is the main advantage of having all disciplines gathered under the same roof”, says Håkan Erlandsson, Section Manager responsible for Medical Device Development within Embedded Systems.
The fact that ÅF is certified according to ISO 13485, regarding the design and development of medical devices, enhances the Group’s offer to clients throughout the life science industry.

All aspects of development
No other technical consultancy firm, private or public, can offer such a wide range of expertise and services related to it. Thus, the ÅF Group is one of very few players on the market that alone can take on full responsibility for the entire chain of product development, let us say in for example the development of a new medical device, from proof of concept to after sales.
“That our sole focus is on large multinational clients is sadly a common misconception. We target them as well, but that is not all. On behalf of for example start-up companies, we can actually help to reduce the initial risk in their projects. With our help, these companies can lower their overall costs and even reduce time-to-market”, says Nils Malmros.
In Embedded Systems, ÅF is currently managing comprehensive projects in areas such as wound care, urology, radiology and renal care, to mention a few examples.