Sön 5 dec / År 39 / Nr 4 2021

All for productive meetings

Lund is a melting pot of innovations and developments within the life science area. It is the birthplace of some of the world’s leading therapeutics in areas such as diabetes and oncology, with pharmaceutical developers large and small gathering to expand on their ideas. Park Inn by Radisson provides professional meeting facilities right at the heart of this development.

Most hotels aim to provide good meeting grounds. At Park Inn by Radisson meeting services are taken a step further. A productive meeting is not just a gathering, but an event where new ideas are born and where new developments see the light of day. Park Inn by Radisson staff are well aware of this, and thus provide a state-of-the-art facility for such meetings.

Always aim higher
Anna Blomqvist, General Manager at Park Inn by Radisson, is proud of the working climate and atmosphere at the hotel, where staff turnover is close to minimum.
“We are always trying to aim higher. We provide our staff with substantial training and offer opportunities for personal development. I think this is why we are able to maintain a good solid team at Park Inn by Radisson”, she says.
Not only is Park Inn by Radisson a modern and comfortable place to stay, with service-minded staff and a good climate for cooperation. The location close to the city center provides easy access to most of Lund’s key services and events. International airport and train stations are available a short journey away.
When thinking of meeting up at the heart of the Medicon Valley-region, Lund is a great choice. Aiming to strengthen its existing meeting arena, Park Inn by Radisson has formed a strong alliance with the collaborative department at Lund University, as well as with several companies operating within the life science spectrum.

Exceeding expectations
Ulla Boström-Hjorth, working with business and research liaison at the Lund University, is frequently discussing possible common grounds between the university activities and the Park Inn by Radisson venues.
“Several large meetings and medical conferences take place in Lund each year. We have seen that Park Inn by Radisson can provide a great arena to facilitate a lot of these events. One example is the Nordic Epi, held at Park Inn last year”.
Ulla Boström-Hjort explains that the nature of these types of events can place large demands on the venues, of which Park Inn by Radisson can deliver in a way that exceeds all expectations.
“We look forward to 2019; a year full of exciting events”, she concludes.