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All roads lead to Uppsala

In 2004, the pharmaceutical industry in Uppsala was predicted a bleak future. As Pfizer left their state-of-the-art production facilities built by Pharmacia, a lot of knowledge and competence still remained in Uppsala despite the tremendous change. As Property Developer Klövern obtained the premises in 2006, new businesses started to emerge in the footsteps of Pharmacia and Pfizer.

Today, Uppsala Business Park is home to global leaders such as Fresenius Kabi, Abbot Medical Optics, Thermo Fisher, GE Healthcare and Kemwell. There are also a large number of small start-up businesses with great potential.
“We have already managed to attract companies from other areas, both national and international. Bio-Works Sweden is an example of a forward-looking company choosing Uppsala in front of Stockholm. We know that what we offer here is something very unique and sought-after, as we provide access to brand new, ultra-modern development and production facilities”, states Henrik Lindley, Managing Director at Klövern’s Uppsala branch.

Aiming for 100 new companies
There are many other examples of successful companies choosing to move their key activities to Uppsala. Swedish-founded Novus Scientific had invested large amounts in a new production facility in Thailand, but moved back to Uppsala after a short period of time.
“Recent developments have resulted in over 70 new job opportunities, and there are still more to come. Our goal is to fill the gap that Pfizer left behind with 100 new companies, and we are already well on the way to reaching that goal”, says Henrik Lindley.
Uppsala Business Park provides great opportunities for large-scale production, but can also cater to the needs of smaller businesses. In collaboration with Akademiska hus and Vasakronan, Klövern is aiming to preserve and develop the knowledge and expertise that Pharmacia and Pfizer left behind. The aim is to attract more Life Science companies to Uppsala.
“We do not consider ourselves as competitors, more like business partners. Our businesses complete each other as we have a different approach. Vasakronan is largely focusing on hosting small, start-up companies and research activities. We are mainly concentrating on large-scale production, although we can facilitate research and development activities as well”, Henrik Lindley explains.

Great opportunities through collaboration
The Life Science-cluster in Uppsala is now looking to a bright future with a strong focus on both research-oriented and production activities. “Out of a larger perspective, we are a part of one of Scandinavia’s largest Life Science-clusters with AstraZeneca’s production site in Södertälje and the Karolinska Institutet Science Park in Stockholm. We have the very best opportunities to offer if we can consolidate our businesses and work more closely together with our neighbours”.
In collaboration with Uppsala incubator, UIC, Klövern and Uppsala Business Park has instigated a business hotel with a new perspective, more like a laboratory hotel. The facilities allow for individual space, while at the same time sharing equipment and common facilities in order to save money and time. This is particularly a good opportunity for the small start-up businesses and academic spin-off companies.
The premises consist of some 60 000 square metres in addition to the 60 000 occupied by the four largest companies in the park.