Ons 29 maj / År 42 / Nr 1 2024

Alteco Medical targets a growing threat in modern healthcare

Sepsis is one of the leading causes of death in modern intensive care. It is still the primary cause of death from infection, despite major medical breakthroughs in for example vaccine therapy, antibiotics and intensive care. In fact, sepsis causes more deaths than HIV, lung-, breast- and prostate cancers combined.

The global need concerning novel, innovative therapies for improving sepsis patient survival is massive and still growing. The number of patients with sepsis is estimated to have increased by over 100 percent over the last ten years. In the EU and Russia, the number of sepsis patients exceeds 550 000 annually, and in the USA the figure is around 375 000. This makes the market for new drugs and treatments for sepsis one of the greatest in modern healthcare.

Life-saving treatment for sepsis
Imagine a health care company which, after many years of costly development work, has managed to introduce an innovative therapy that significantly increases the chances of curing a disease which claims millions of lives every year. Now imagine that the method is patented and approved for use in 30 countries. Finally, imagine that there are no alternative treatments without side-effects.
What you have imagined is reality for the Swedish medical technology company Alteco Medical. Over the years, Alteco Medical has successfully developed a life-saving treatment for sepsis, based on a method that purifies the blood outside of the body. So far, the method has been used in over 1300 successful treatments with no reported product-related adverse reactions.
Other extracorporeal therapies have caused unwanted side-effects while the blood is cleaned outside of the body. Alteco LPS Absorber successfully reduces LPS-levels in the blood in patients with gram-negative sepsis, and thereby presents increased opportunities to treat the patient with antibiotics. The medical device does not contain any pharmaceuticals, instead it binds LPS using a synthetic peptide in the casing.

Reducing global burden
The development of the Alteco LPS Absorber took many years. The past years have been marked by an extensive effort to build up a sales and marketing organisation within Alteco Medical. After a successful market launch, Alteco Medical sales reached an all-time-high during 2013. Meanwhile, a distribution network was established, including Germany which is an important reference market within the target area.
“The product is successively being introduced to new markets. Sepsis is, however, a global problem creating huge gouges in healthcare systems worldwide and therefore it should be of great interest to any healthcare provider”, says Alteco Medical CEO Jonas Jönmark.
The cost of sepsis is high and rising. Alteco Medical’s product can in time help to reduce a global burden, as sepsis is considered one of our worst threats in healthcare today.