Mån 11 dec / År 41 / Nr 5 2023

An all-inclusive partner for shipping

Johan Helmer’s team at Vald. Anderson Shipagency meets and serves ships from all over the world, and currently noticing an upward trend in shipping. Over the years, the company operations have developed to include more ports and a larger range of services, including transport and warehousing logistics on call.
Vald. Anderson Shipagency has been part of the Sirius Group since 2005 but was founded in Gothenburg as early as 1944. Just as its parent company, Vald. Anderson Shipagency is a dynamic and creative company that dares to be innovative. The latest investment in developing operations with more services, such as warehousing, is a good example of this.

An all-inclusive partner
Vald. Anderson Shipagency has a broad service portfolio that basically covers everything that a vessel may need while calling in port.
“Our turnover has more than quadrupled over the past 15 years. Before the agency became part of the Sirius Group, the focus was merely on tankers in the Port of Gothenburg, but today we serve all kinds of vessels in all Swedish ports”, says Johan Helmer.
“Comparatively, Vald. Anderson Shipagency today manages more than 2000 ship calls a year, 15 years ago it was around 300”, Johan Helmer continues. “As a ship agency you need to have continuity, being constantly prepared around the clock, 365 days a year”.
The business is characterised by new thinking in the form of a broad diversity among employees, and of course long experience as one of Sweden’s oldest ship agents. “We take full responsibility – from notifying the ship to all authorities to all service functions that are required while in port”, says Johan Helmer.
The goal is to make the ship’s call as smooth and cost-effective as possible. The time is the most expensive resource, an oil tanker standing still for only one day is extremely costly.
“Our main task is to provide an efficient service that can be likened to the real estate broker’s task; we manage everything and handle contacts that would otherwise take a lot of time if our customers were to handle everything themselves”.

Strong presence throughout Sweden
Vald. Anderson Shipagency has developed the business greatly over the years. For several decades, the focus was solely on service in oil ports, but today container and roro-ports are also covered.
“Through our partners, we have a strong presence in all ports throughout Sweden. What we cannot solve immediately ourselves our partners take care of, so we can still solve everything with a single contact for the customer”.
Customers meet a well-knit team of eight people in Gothenburg. Unlike larger players, Vald. Anderson Shipagency provides a personalised service with a very fast decision-making process. Johan Helmer is positive about the future; “Vald. Anderson Shipagency is equipped for expansion and will continue to adopt new challenges”, he says.