Mån 24 jun / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

Are you part of the research team that finds the cure for cancer?

Mölndal is home to some of the world’s largest companies in the Life Science industry. AstraZeneca is a well-known trademark globally, as well as Nobel Biocare. The City of Mölndal wants to strengthen collaboration between industry and academia, and has therefore established Franklins Gymnasium, a senior high school solely dedicated to Life Science.

Imagine being part of the research team that finds the cure for cancer. Swedish medical researchers and pharmaceutical developers have long been at the forefront of the global Life Science industry. The stakes are high, and ambitions are even higher. This is why the City of Mölndal, a part of the Gothenburg region and its growing Life Science cluster, has introduced Sweden’s first senior high school with a clear Life Science perspective.

Providing unique opportunities
Franklins Gymnasium has only been open for one year, but the interest in the school has been and remains great. The number of pupils wishing to study at Franklins is much greater than the current capacity, but the principal hopes to be able to expand in the upcoming years.
At Franklins there are two national senior high school programs, namely the Natural Sciences program or the Technology program. Both with a prominent Life Science profile, and both study preparation programs.
“Although the idea is to prepare pupils for further studies at university level, the programs here at Franklins have a very high level of collaboration with the industry. This provides unique opportunities to establish contact with future employers at a very early stage, but perhaps more importantly it establishes a genuine interest in technology, medicine and related industries”, states Maria Solerius, Principal at Franklins Gymnasium.
The very idea of Life Science is to improve quality of life for more people. With technological advancement we can live healthier and longer. Diseases can be cured and even eliminated completely. Working in the Life Science industry means working towards a better and more sustainable future for everyone, and this is something that young people of today are very interested in.

Making a difference
With the establishment Franklins Gymnasium, the City of Mölndal strongly indicates the vision and will to be a driving force in establishing a strong Life Science cluster in the Gothenburg region.
“Our ambition is not only to offer a Life Science profile that is unique to the school, but also be the best senior high school in Sweden. We are dedicated to the advancement of the Life Science cluster in our region, and we believe that we can make a difference in its further development”, says Maria Solerius.
Anyone who has an interest in technology, is curious about the human body, has a mathematical ability or interest in artificial intelligence can be one of those who create the life-saving and life-improving innovations of the future. Franklins Gymnasium makes it possible.