Fre 19 aug / År 40 / Nr 3 2022

At the core of global development

Sahlgrenska Science Park is often referred to as an innovative and creative environment where ground-breaking discoveries reach their full potential. Focusing entirely on business and research within the Life Science sector, the Sahlgrenska Science Park is a well-established landmark for medical discovery in the Gothenburg region. Recent developments include setting up stronger partnerships with the Malmö- and Stockholm-based Medeon Science Park and the Karolinska Institutet Science Park respectively.

Sahlgrenska Science Park is a platform that provides full-scale testing and development facilities in a creative environment, promoting collaboration over boundaries. Swedish innovations are often at the core of global development, and the mission of Sahlgrenska Science Park is to strengthen home-grown innovations within the broad field of Life Science.
Gunilla Bökmark, Managing Director at Sahlgrenska Science Park, states with confidence:
“The park is currently home to over 40 companies operating over a wide range of areas within Life Science. They are actively developing innovations as well as highly contributing to the growth of the regional expertise in the south-western parts of Sweden. The companies illustrate a healthy multitude of operators; involving anything from biotechnology developers to service providers within medical technology applications. I believe that we are a strong and important hub that, together with the Life Science-oriented parks in Malmö and Stockholm, can place Sweden on the global map of attractive Life Science clusters”.

Collaboration rather than competition
There are several examples of very lucrative innovations resulting in patents and commercial products in the Sahlgrenska Science Park portfolio. Recent developments include laboratory facilities, specifically tailored for testing and verifying innovations within biology. The latest addition of laboratory facilities has extended the park by 750 m2 and thus providing a range of possibilities in functional development. The next step will be, again, to extend office and administration space, in order to meet the needs of larger companies.
“Our mission is to develop Swedish innovations and thus contributing to regional growth”, Gunilla Bökmark points out. Newly-founded companies as well as established players are welcome, the expertise at the park is available free of charge for anyone who entertains a viable idea or innovation within the stated area of proficiency.
Gunilla continues: “We strongly believe that collaborating rather than competing is the key to success, considering that Sweden is a relatively small market. What we really need to do now is to strengthen our collaborations and partnerships across boundaries, and we have started the process by linking the three Life Science-focused parks in Gothenburg, Malmö and Stockholm”.

A lot to look forward to
The next step will be to forge stronger partnerships with prominent parks across the globe. One example is the very recent development of a long-term partnership with a Science park in Shanghai. The idea is to promote open exchange of ideas between the two parks, enabling companies and researchers to learn of and work in these very different, yet similar environments.
“We are looking forward to evaluating the outcome of this recent collaboration. We are also looking forward to the upcoming event Park Annual here in Gothenburg, where we have invited some interesting companies in our region to participate. Park Annual takes place on September 12th, and we have a very interesting program set up for this year’s event”, Gunilla Bökmark concludes enthusiastically.