Sön 21 jul / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

Automated fuel saving makes all the difference

Lean Marine sets standards high from the very beginning. Even the company name says so. Lean Marine opts for a lean, more fuel-efficient journey across the ocean. With automated fuel saving systems being installed in a growing number of vessels world-wide, Lean Marine can alter the course of climate change. Or at least, be an important part of the crew making it possible.

Lean Marine was established in 2012 and has already delivered over 120 systems world-wide. What is in the delivery? “Simplified, what we develop, and construct are advanced fuel saving systems. We also offer fleet analytics which help shipowners understand how and why fuel consumption patterns are the way they are. Without this understanding, it is hard to understand why a fuel saving system is needed at all, and that is why we start from the beginning in any project, mapping fuel consumption and identifying where we can make a difference”, explains Anders Bergh, Technical Sales Manager at Lean Marine.

What makes a difference?
Making a difference is to Lean Marine the same as making existing systems run smoother, using less resources. The technology from Lean Marine can be installed in almost any vessel, both in operation and in a newbuilding. It doesn’t even take up a lot of space, thus making the decision to invest in such a system much easier to make.
“Our systems are a combination of advanced data analysis and follow-up, used to automatically reduce the fuel consumption while the ship is in operation. Although data analysis is used widely to optimise industrial processes, few have embarked on improving the shipping business. This combination of data analysis and direct optimisation is what makes us unique”, Anders Bergh continues.
FuelOpt is an automated control system developed by Lean Marine. It enables the crew to run the ship in the best possible way to minimise fuel consumption. The other product developed by Lean Marine is Fleet Analytics, which is a cloud-based reporting and analysis system handling all data generated by the vessel whilst in operation. The data is in turn translated into simple and clear information that helps in the work of improving the vessel’s operations.

Like no other
Mikael Laurin, Managing Director at Lean Marine, is most proud of the recent developments.
“Large parts of our systems are patented, and there are no other players in the world with the same vast-reaching knowledge as us when it comes to analysing ship operations and providing technology for optimising them”, he says. And with hands-on experience from the shipping business, most recently from his role as CEO at Laurin Maritime and as current director of the board of Team Tankers and I-Tech, Mikael knows what he is talking about. Ideally for Lean Marine, Mikael has the customer needs in mind.

Both Mikael and Anders look forward to this year’s event at Donsö, meaning the Donsö Shipping Meet, where both existing and new potential clients are likely to meet up.
“Lean Marine is a technical and strategic partner like no other. Data collecting is usually costly, and analysing it even more so. We make this possible at a very reasonable cost while simultaneously saving money for our customer by reducing fuel consumption”, says Anders.
“We will most definitely dedicate more time to explain to our potential clients why and how we can help them make a difference and go the distance when it comes to fuel saving. The Donsö Shipping Meet is an excellent arena for this”, Mikael adds in conclusion.