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Avalon Innovation Model – Your Path to Success

Avalon Innovation delivers consultant services that forwards innovation from insight to implementation. Their innovation model combines re-thinking and creativity with business perspectives and attention to user needs to create profitable end results.

Avalon Innovation is a rapidly growing company with nearly 300 employees in 17 offices in Scandinavia. Avalon Innovation helps companies innovate, develop and grow within business, systems and product innovation.
“Though we’re industry independent, we have a strong commitment to life science, where we work with young start-ups as well as big companies,” says Pär Forsberg at Avalon Innovation in Gothenburg.
Avalon Innovation creates a culture around the innovation process, targeting real needs. Based on years of experience and vast, deep knowledge among their employees, they have developed their own method for innovation called Avalon Innovation Model, or AIM for short.
”In AIM, structure and creativity unite! Working closely with our clients, we introduce a business perspective into development and create clarity regarding objectives and work methods. This reduces uncertainties in the development process. Our common objective is, of course, to develop better products and systems faster,” tells Pär Forsberg.
The model is divided into three main phases: Insight, Ideation and Implementation. Agreements of confidentiality are signed at an early stage and Avalon Innovation doesn’t claim the rights to the innovations they help their clients to develop.
“In the Insight phase we define the needs, list the initial requirement specifications and set the goal. Then follows the Ideation phase, where we come up with a number of concepts and ideas, for instance regarding technology platforms and system architecture, that match the specified requirements. In the last phase of Implementation Avalon Innovation delivers the technology, software and system solutions according to the specifications and concepts originated in the previous phases,” Pär Forsberg explains.

No Shortage of Ideas
Several of the young start-ups at the Sahlgrenska Science Park are clients of Avalon Innovation.
“It’s very rewarding to get in contact with all the exciting company projects and fantastic ideas that we hope shall all be successful,” he says.
According to Pär Forsberg there’s no shortage of ideas or technology.
”The great challenge for life science businesses is rather the extensive (and expensive) testing needed to acquire all the approvals necessary for advancement and market launch. Plus, in order to achieve this, to establish good collaboration with the healthcare sector,” he concludes.