Sön 5 dec / År 39 / Nr 4 2021

Award-Winning Clinical Trial Centre in Borås

The award-winning clinical trial centre Ladulaas Kliniska Studier in Borås has conducted nearly 70 studies since it started in 2007. It’s a privately owned independent clinic conducting trials for big international pharma and medtech companies, prestigious universities, and CROs, from around the world.

”We’re conducting studies on pharmaceuticals, medical devices and nutrient solutions, with the number of participants ranging from just a couple up to 150,” says Katarina Berndtsson Blom, licensed physician, CEO and founder of Ladulaas Kliniska Studier in Borås, which she started in 2007.
In recent years, the clinic has been awarded a number of international prizes, acknowledging the high-quality data they deliver to the sponsors and their good care of study participants.
”Winning a prize is a quality stamp, which makes it easier for us to get new assignments. Our greatest challenge, however, is to find enough participants for each study. In Sweden, there might not be enough people with rare indications. For common indications, like diabetes and COPD, the patients may already be on such good therapies that they don’t qualify for that reason.”

A Good Place for Clinical Trials
That said, it has turned out that Borås is a good place for conducting clinical trials.
”With a population of 100,000 it’s neither too small nor too big, which means that when we advertise in local media we usually get a good response rate. We also have many recurrent participants,” says Katarina Berndtsson Blom, who thinks it’s exciting to be at the forefront of new medical drug development.
”In 2007-2008, we for instance started to test the new diabetes drugs that are now reaching the market. We’ve also tested a new drug that, among a few others, is now beginning to replace Waran. And, we’re currently conducting follow-up studies on a vaccine for shingles.”
Ladulaas Kliniska Studier has had four audits from pharmaceutical companies and one inspection from Läkemedelsverket (the Medical Products Agency), all of whom have given the clinic high ratings.
”The inspector from Läkemedelsverket said that our Good Clinical Practice is so beautiful that it made him want to cry. You can hardly get a higher grade than that,” concludes a proud Katarina Berndtsson Blom.