Mån 17 jun / År 42 / Nr 1 2024

Aweria’s IT Platform Improves Emergency Care

Aweria has created the first IT system in Sweden that’s specialised on emergency care. It’s a best-of-breed system that coordinates all relevant information about the patient, from the initial emergency call until the patient is hospitalised or able to return home.

Aweria’s IT platform originated as an information flow optimisation project for Region Västra Götaland in 2005 and is based on the unique conditions and needs of emergency care. With Aweria-apps on their PCs, iPads, etc, the medical staff interacts with the system through an intuitive interface and gets realtime up-dates and reminders concerning each patient.
”Aweria offers emergency medical records, decision support for triage and treatment, as well as logistic optimisation and other functions. The potential for improved patient safety and healthcare quality is great,” says Aweria’s CEO Karl Ahlstedt.
”Aweria Flowlab, for instance, is a flow simulation tool that helps the staff to find bottlenecks in the organisation’s logistics and to suggest potential improvements,” he adds.

Favourable International Trend
Ten hospitals in Sweden currently use Aweria’s platform. Norrbotten is the first county council that runs the full version of Aweria. It’s too early to say exactly how much costs and resources they’ve saved, but their general feeling is that the staff now has more time to care for the patients. The comprehensive overview of, and access to, all relevant information in realtime has increased effectiveness and productivity, while clinical documentation has improved.
Region Halland is Aweria’s latest customer and more county councils are taking an interest in the company’s platform.

”We’re in a phase of strong growth right now and are looking at other Nordic countries as well. Currently, there’s an international trend of hospitals switching from emergency modules in monolithic systems to best-of-breed systems, like Aweria. Today, integration of different systems is standard and it usually only takes one log-in to access all systems relevant to your role. So, the future of Aweria looks bright!” Karl Ahlstedt concludes.