Lör 23 sep / År 41 / Nr 3 2023

Boost your knowledge, communication and inspiration

With the right tools, it is possible to boost knowledge, communication and inspiration in practically any business. The tools may vary; it is the actual application of them that is important. The Swedish knowledge-oriented company SE Competence can design, develop and provide the necessary tools in order to make your business flourish.

The app Your Life Your Diabetes (YLYD), available on Google Play, is more or less the starting point for SE Competence in the broad field of life science.
“Using the app, diabetics can take control of their disease and create a full overview of their blood sugar levels at any time, even creating accurate graphs depicting how the levels change over time”, explains Mikaela Bertilsson, founder and owner of SE Competence.
YLYD thus creates and boosts knowledge, which in turn enables the user to make better decisions in his or her daily life. Ideally, these decisions will lead to a healthier life style.

Knowledge is power
Using this relatively new form of communication the users of YLYD, i.e. the patients, are empowered and inspired to make better and possibly life changing decisions.
SE Competence, the company behind the design and launch of the app, is structured pretty much in the same way. Knowledge, communication and inspiration make up the core. Based on founder Mikaela Bertilsson’s many years of experience in business strategy and market launch, SE Competence can design knowledge building systems tailored to suit any given business. The emphasis is on the actual application, where the system becomes a tool for better communication and thus better understanding.
SE Competence disseminates knowledge through various channels, including webinars and workshops where participants are inspired to participate and create further development. “Successfully providing role models, communicating a certain message, and ensuring that the right audience will come across these role models, is what we do best”, says Mikaela Bertilsson.

Creating greater visibility
Although the app YLYD is a starting point, it is not all that SE Competence has to offer. During the years, largely working on a consultancy basis all over the world, Mikaela Bertilsson has built up a wide network of contacts. Her contacts are now used to further develop SE Competence.
According to Mikaela, SE Competence has what it takes to meet today’s competition. “All industries can benefit from and develop with good role models”, she says. “This is something that we, SE Competence, can work with and communicate on behalf of our customers”.
Today, business is all about creating greater visibility and thus boosting the inspiration of end-users to act in a certain way. Take a large pharmaceutical company for instance. On their behalf, SE Competence could develop a webinar where the company’s positive impact on health care and society at large is clarified. Increased knowledge will not only create a boost in sales – health care, the society and patients will at the same time benefit from making the right decisions.