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Bringing 25 years of ground-breaking innovation to Medicon Valley

The Lund offices of Miltenyi Biotec were opened in 2012 and the sales and marketing team has been developing close relationships with customers in Medicon Valley and in the Nordic region as a whole ever since. Miltenyi Biotec was founded by Stefan Miltenyi in 1989 and is renowned for providing innovative products and services to the global biomedical community. Recently, Miltenyi Biotec became one of the few biotechnology companies in the world to receive FDA approval for a medical Humanitarian Use Device – the CliniMACS® CD34 Reagent System – for decreasing the risk of developing graft-versus-host disease in patients receiving allogeneic grafts during the treatment for acute myeloid leukemia.

The company
Miltenyi Biotec has more than 1,400 employees in 22 countries providing products and services that advance biomedical research and cellular therapy. Our portfolio covers techniques for sample preparation, cell separation, flow cytometry, cell culture, molecular analysis, and preclinical imaging.
The recent acquisition of Owl biomedical Inc. has expanded the spectrum of our technologies to include cartridge-based, ultra-high speed, microchip-activated cell sorting. “Joining up with Owl biomedical Inc. represented a huge milestone in the history of our company”, said CEO Dr. Boris Stoffel in a recent interview. “For the past two years, our engineers and scientists have been developing and refining Owl’s amazing technology and, as a result, we will soon be launching the unique MACSQuant® Tyto Cell Sorter, a new standard in cell sorting for clinical and biomedical research laboratories”.
These tools are applicable to immunology, stem cell biology, neuroscience, and cancer research, as well as to clinical fields that include hematology, graft engineering, tissue regeneration, and plasma apheresis. Our expertise in life science is complemented by an in-depth knowledge of polymer and surface chemistry, physics, engineering, informatics, and electronics. We also offer contract services, such as process development and GMP production of biopharmaceuticals and cell therapeutics, including aseptic filling and finishing.

MACS® Sample Preparation
gentleMACS™ Dissociators and the optimized MACS® Tissue Dissociation Kits, enable standardized sample preparation from almost any tissue source.

MACS® Technology
MACS Technology is the gold standard in manual and automated magnetic cell separation with tens of thousands of publications proving its power in biomedical and clinical settings. Frequently occurring cells, rare cells, and specific cell subsets can be isolated with conserved functionality from blood or tissue samples, from virtually any species.

MACS® Flow Cytometry
The MACSQuant® Instruments include ultra-compact flow cytometers with unrivaled ease of use for multisampling and multiparameter analysis. Our novel Vio® Dyes form the basis of a family of conjugates with high fluorescence intensities and stain indices, perfectly suited for identification and enumeration of human, mouse, rat, and non-human primate cells. The newest addition to the MACSQuant Family is the MACSQuant Tyto, the revolutionary microchip-based cell sorter ready for launching in Q2/2014.

MACS® Cell Culture and Stimulation
Most of our cell culture media, cytokines, growth factors, and reagents for stimulation, expansion, and differentiation of a variety of mammalian cells, are available up to GMP grade, so enabling GMP-compliant, cellular product manufacturing. Our cell culture labware has been designed for the implementation of cell-based assays that use direct imaging and high-resolution microscopy.

Clinical products
Miltenyi Biotec provides a comprehensive portfolio for advancing translational research and cellular therapy. It includes CliniMACS® Products, CryoMACS® Products, MACS GMP Products, and TheraSorb™ Apheresis Products.
The CliniMACS Cell Separation System has been used successfully in more than 35,000 treatments of patients. The revolutionary CliniMACS Prodigy® is a unique cell-processing instrument that enables the fully automated manufacture of a GMP-compliant cell product in a bench-top, closed environment. It has been installed in many laboratories across the world, including those of Nobel prizewinners.
CryoMACS Freezing Bags possess unique design features that increase safety in cryopreservation of hematopoietic cells. Together with MACS GMP Products, they form the basis for GMP-compliant, cellular product manufacturing.
TheraSorb™ Apheresis Products enable the selective removal of pathogenic components, such as LDL and autoantibody, from patient plasma by immunoadsorption.

The range of products and services provided by Miltenyi Biotec has many facets. Just like the scientists who have discovered the vibrant research atmosphere of Medicon Valley, we are dedicated to the life sciences and the translation of research findings into clinical applications.