Ons 29 maj / År 42 / Nr 1 2024

Bringing together world-leading research and highly specialised care

Property developer and owner Akademiska hus AB has a grand vision for future development of the Karolinska Institutet Campus Solna, strategically located at the centre of the expansive Stockholm life science cluster. Science for Life Laboratory is one of the key players in the area, as well as the new university hospital New Karolinska Solna which is being built literally across the road from the existing Campus Solna. New laboratory facilities for life science research and development will be built in close proximity to the new hospital.

Property Manager Magnus Huss is excited about the future of Karolinska Institutet Campus Solna. He gives us a summary of the long-term ambition that Akademiska hus has in developing the new campus in close collaboration with Karolinska Institutet.
“The location of today’s campus has a rich history of innovation as well as a strong international perspective. We want to contribute to the innovative tradition built up by the Karolinska Institutet by developing Solna Campus into a world leading knowledge and research environment. In order to achieve our goals we have prepared a new Development Plan for 2030. We stress the need to promote collaboration between our future tenants, which will be life science companies of all sizes, and the researchers and clinicians who will be working here at Campus Solna and the new hospital”.

Fantastic opportunities
The new university hospital will be highly specialised with more resources dedicated to research and development activities. Akademiska Hus is building a set of top-modern buildings across the road from the new hospital. In some of these buildings a new laboratory for experimental research is being built for the Karolinska Institutet, Biomedicum. The new hospital area will be linked to Biomedicum by one or more protected pedestrian bridges or tunnels. “Our goal is to provide opportunities for collaboration at all levels”, Magnus Huss underlines.
Karolinska Institutet will move into their new laboratory facilities, Biomedicum, leaving their current facilities open for further development. This is a fantastic opportunity for any small- to medium sized life science company wishing to locate its operations at Campus Solna, in close vicinity to the new hospital.

Centre for improving human health
In the future Campus Solna visitors will be greeted by an inspiring research environment where future meets history. The unique characteristics of the area are of great historical and architectural value that also has to be taken into consideration when constructing the new modern buildings. Together they must form a contemporary campus that will house world-class research and development.
The future Solna Campus will be located in the middle of Hagastaden, a brand new neighbourhood under development with a mix of housing, parkland, commercial, world-leading research and highly specialised care. By the year 2030 it is estimated that the area will consist of 5000 residential units and about 36,000 people will work in the area, an expansion equivalent to a medium-sized Swedish town. The area is emerging in both Stockholm and Solna and integrated with the new university hospital that is scheduled to open in 2016.
The vision for the new Hagastaden is to create the world’s leading life science area. This will be a centre for highly specialised care and world-leading life science research to improve human health.