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Building better companies through better HR

Set up in September 2016, Stretch HR provides strategic HR support, coaching, recruitment and training in HR to life sciences companies, high tech industry and other growing businesses. Its location in Medicon Village gives the company access to a pool of talent, and places it near the companies it seeks to help.

Medicon Village is home to around 120 companies and institutions, and many of these are SMEs and startups. For smaller entities that are focusing on establishing their science and seeking funding, human resources may not be their first priority. Creating a strategy from the beginning can help to avoid pitfalls and get the right policies and HR processes in place at the right time, explained Thomas Larsson, program manager and co-founder at Stretch HR.
“Early-stage companies with brilliant ideas sometimes forget that they need a business-oriented and professional outlook. Our aim is to increase their understanding of the importance of developing and supporting their staff and management teams. We bring years of experience at senior levels in different industries, and this means that we understand the challenges that companies face. We can help them to build their HR strategy and allow them grow,” said Larsson.

Recruitment and search
As companies grow, selecting the right people is important. Not only do they need to bring the right skills, they must fit within the existing work culture and environment.
“We have hired hundreds of people and have also collaborated with a variety of different suppliers, and this has given us insight into what companies really need from recruitment and search. We want to create long-term relationships with our clients. In turn, we also want to ensure that our candidates gain the right impression of the job and of our clients through the information we provide and the way we conduct ourselves,” says Monika Kumlin Larsson, CEO, with responsibility for the recruitment business.

Management training and leadership development
Stretch HR provides professional coaching, communications training and leadership development for individuals and teams at all levels throughout the company, up to the board and senior management.
“We are focused on business results and can adjust our training to the needs of the individuals and their functions, and to the strategic business goals of the company,” said Larsson.

HR support
HR is about a lot more than recruitment and training. It includes negotiating, employment law, and change management. Stretch, by providing on-site and remote support, can work with companies right from the beginning.
“Small companies may not need a full time HR team. They might want someone for a day a week, or even a day a month,” said Larsson. “We can act as their HR partner, working on HR policies, and staff handbooks, and helping them to create contracts and understand how the labour laws will affect them in different situations.”

Moving into the future
Stretch HR’s next step will be to provide open courses in health and safety support, including supplying mandatory training and behaviour-based safety training.
“Health and safety is just as important for smaller companies as it is for larger ones. In fact, in smaller companies the pressure on individuals to perform may be greater, leading to potential accidents or burnout. We provide support and training to reduce this risk,” said Larsson.
Stretch HR also will grow the company, through organic growth and by using consultants in open partnerships and strategic relationships.
“We need to be flexible, and this approach will help us to provide the right things to our clients at the right time,” said Thomas Larsson.