Sön 26 maj / År 42 / Nr 1 2024

Business Region Göteborg facilitates further growth in a prominent life science industry

Business Region Göteborg (BRG) is an independent organisation that creates business opportunities in order to promote industrial growth in the Gothenburg region. BRG focuses on a wide range of industries, all considered crucial to the overall development of the Gothenburg region economy. Life science is one such industry.

“Over 30 000 people work in the Swedish life science industry, 20 per cent being active in the Gothenburg region. The life science industry accounts for about 20 per cent of Sweden’s net exports which characterises the industry as a very important future stronghold. This is why it is important for BRG to offer these companies the right tools and networks to facilitate further development”, says Patrik Andersson, Managing Director of Business Region Göteborg.

Serves both new and existing businesses
Through three core areas, namely business development, establishment services and the development of clusters, BRG assists both companies already based in the Gothenburg region and businesses aiming to establish themselves here.
The work of BRG is considered proactive as it preserves and develops existing businesses as well as creating opportunities for new entrepreneurs. Another key activity for BRG is to attract investors to the region.

Creating a common platform
The most important factor for further regional growth is to bring academia, industry and healthcare closer to one another. The creation of GothenburgBIO is a perfect example of this, allowing for key players such as Sahlgrenska Science Park and GöteborgBIO to form a common platform for collaboration.
“BRG is one of the founders of Sahlgrenska Science Park and therefore we find it particularly exciting to embark on this new journey. Given the global competition, we need to employ a joint approach to further develop innovation and maintain our position as a leading life science region”, says Patrik Andersson.

Imminent investments
To conclude, Patrik Andersson says: “We aim to create extensive development of the properties in the geographical area of Medicinareberget. It is home to forefront players such as Sahlgrenska Science Park, the Sahlgrenska University Hospital and Sahlgrenska Academy, Chalmers University of Technology, and the Göteborg International Bioscience Business School (GIBBS). We are looking at investments in the area exceeding one billion SEK, investments that are now imminent”.