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Clean Air – Anywhere

QleanAir Scandinavia develops, designs, and provides solutions for clean and controlled environments. In 2013, the company launched their stand-alone cleanrooms.

In the late ’80s, Peter Bjersten – a fireman who knew a lot about how smoke worked and behaved – found a smart way to completely clean air from it’s hazardous components and particles. It was the beginning of Smoke Free Systems.
In 2012, the company was sold to the investment firm Priveq. At the same time, Dan Pitulia, with a background from Carmel Parma, became the company’s new CEO. He immediately realised that the filtering solutions could be used for cleanrooms as well. The company changed name to QleanAir Scandinavia and launched its cleanrooms, called QleanSpace™, in 2013.
Apart from Sweden, North America quickly became a primary market for QleanSpace.
”Each hospital in the United States caters for its own drug supply, so they need cleanrooms where to conduct sterile pharmacy compounding. We provide a safe environment, starting at ISO Class 5 and going upwards. It’s installed inside an existing facility as a stand-alone unit. It doesn’t interfere with the building’s HVAC system and can be expanded or dismantled as the need grows or diminishes,” says Johan Ehn, VP Business Development, QleanSpace, who also has a background from Carmel Pharma.

Swiftly Installed Turn-Key Solution
A small cleanroom is built in a day or two, while a big one, approx. 150 square metres, takes a couple of weeks to complete, including installation qualification. QleanSpace constantly monitors the level of airborne particles, air pressure, temperature and humidity, and displays the parameters on screen, making all data easily readable by the staff inside and outside the area. The data is continuously recorded in real time and can be recalled, and reviewed, at any time. Warning signals are issued at pre set levels when approaching the cleanroom rating limits.
North America is currently preparing new regulatory standards for sterile pharmacy compounding and QleanAir Scandinavia is witnessing an increased demand for QleanSpace in the USA and Canada.
”Our sales started to take off in earnest last year, and this year we’ve had a real boost, installing 13 cleanrooms of approx. 450 square metres in total. In Europe, Poland closely follows the regulations of the USA, so that’s also an important market for us. In Sweden our market segment is wider and includes polymer plants, medtechs and start-ups,” tells Johan Ehn.
Another great benefit is that you don’t have to buy a QleanSpace cleanroom, you can rent it.
”We offer a full-service and maintenance agreement, including free spare parts, for the entire leasing period, with no upfront or start-up costs. Our service organisation makes sure that the cleanroom functions correctly and in compliance with regulatory demands. A leasing contract usually spans 6-36 months. However, we have contracts spanning 60 months as well,” Johan Ehn concludes.