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ClinStorage stores valuable biological, clinical and pharmaceutical samples

ClinStorage provides full service including security systems and control over entire biobanks and valuable samples. Located at Karolinska Institutet Science Park, ClinStorage provides safe storage using the latest technology for storage, surveilliance and pharma industry quality standards.

Improper handling and storage of samples can, and most often will, bring devastating results. Power cuts and broken freezers can result in large amounts of samples being destroyed, in turn entailing great losses of value in terms of both research and capital.
ClinStorage can help prevent this as a GMP-certified provider of safe and secure storage for valuable biological samples and pharmaceutical substances.

The idea for ClinStorage
ClinStorage was established by Associate Professor Ola Camber and Professor Sven P. Jacobsson in 2008. Both have a long history of working with pharmaceutical development from Pharmacia and AstraZeneca. They now provide their knowledge and procedures for handling and storing valuable samples and pharmaceutical substances for SMEs in the Life Science sector.
“The task of keeping track and maintaining full control over biological samples is not as easy for smaller companies. This is where we identified a prominent need for the kind of services that we offer through ClinStorage today”, says Ola Camber.
Camber and Jacobsson identified a most pressing need in correct and safe storage of samples at very low temperatures. Embarking on an interesting and instructive journey as consultants within biotechnological services, the experts soon found themselves building up entire routines and facilities for storing biological and pharmaceutical samples for clients. The idea for ClinStorage was born.

From safe storage to QP-release
Examples of materials that must be kept in temperatures down to – 150 ° C and liquid nitrogen are plasma and tissue samples from clinical studies, samples from pre-clinical studies, recombinant produced proteins, cell-banks linked to the production of recombinant proteins, temperature-sensitive compounds and peptides, and pharmaceutical drugs for clinical trials and sales.
Life Science companies who do not see storage of biological, clinical and pharmaceutical samples as a core business are the ones who benefit most from the services of ClinStorage as a one-stop-shop warehouse of secure and accurate sample storage.
In November 2012 ClinStorage was contacted by a fast growing Asian pharmaceutical company to offer commercial services concerning handling and storage of their new biological pharmaceutical drug. Hence, ClinStorage has all necessary regulatory certificates for import of drugs and pharmaceutically related substances to Europe.
Through Ola Camber, ClinStorage offers QP-release within Europe, which is a most valuable service for small- to medium-sized pharmaceutical development companies in the process of entering new markets.

A new service in demand
The latest addition to the broad range of services provided by ClinStorage is a comprehensive insurance solution. The need for this was highlighted after a rescue operation conducted by ClinStorage in conjunction with a freezer breakdown at a well-known Biotech company. Both Ola Camber and Sven P. Jacobsson were working hands-on to save the valuable samples on site.
“The new insurance solution comprises of quick and safe handling of valuable samples in case of freezer breakdowns. We have already experienced a great demand for this type of service”, Ola Camber reveals.