Sön 26 jun / År 40 / Nr 3 2022

Companies in Älvsbyn will use digital tools to become more visible

The municipality of Älvsbyn has recently developed a portal for collaboration where local companies can make new contacts and become more visible. The most important thing is that they are given the opportunity to start their digital journey with support from the municipality and other companies in the region.

The primary goal of this new venture in the municipality of Älvsbyn is to make the local business community more visible and more digital. The investment covers both small and large companies in the region, and the common goal for all is to work more closely together and thus creating a stronger local business in Älvsbyn.
“Some companies have already come a long way in their digital journey, but not all. Even if the greatest need for us now is to focus on companies who have not yet embarked on the digital journey, we need to support the ones who have as well. The investments we are maning now should benefit all companies in Älvsbyn in one way or another”, says Älvsbyn municipal business developer Bengt Strandberg.

Increased visibility by increased digital presence
First and foremost, the municipality of Älvsbyn will promote the use of digital tools among local companies to become more visible.
”There are a great many smaller companies in our region who are leaders in their business fields, but who could become even more successful with the help of digital tools and not least by creating increased visibility by increasing their digital presence”, Bengt Strandberg continues.
Älvsbyn has many family-run companies and a strong entrepreneurship overall. “Many companies are facing a generational shift, we want to capture this target group and help these companies further and what we will contribute is guidance on seizing opportunities with a digital transition”.

Valuing local heroes
The digital journey will no doubt strengthen companies in the northern region. “Here in Älvsbyn we aim to be pioneers showing the way for other regions. If we are to build a strong and sustainable economy for the future, all companies must be involved, representing all sizes and segments”, explains Bengt Strandberg further.
“Together, we are going to adapt our companies and really highlight the value of being a local hero. It is probably more important now than ever. Important questions that we ask in connection with the development are: what do our companies need to be competitive? How do we meet the future together? How can we benefit our local businesses and create even better platforms for collaboration?, and so on”.
Large companies in the region such as Polarbröd and Älvsbyhus are happy to use local subcontractors and have done so for a long time. Expanding opportunities for collaboration even among smaller companies is an important development that the digital journey will bring.