Mån 11 dec / År 41 / Nr 5 2023

Complete range of IP services in one place

Patents, trademarks, design rights, copyright and database rights, IP litigation, appeals and oppositions, transactional IP, due diligence and freedom to operate – the world of IP and related services may be overwhelming even to veteran innovators. HGF is a reliable and professional partner in understanding and making the most out of IP services.

HGF has a strong presence in the UK and Europe but has so far been operating behind the scenes in the Nordic countries. This is something that Gareth Probert, Partner at HGF, is looking to alter. With a long tradition and experience in working with life science companies of all sizes, Gareth Probert is now introducing HGF and the company profile to clients in the Nordic region, starting with Sweden and Denmark.
“What we can offer is in-depth knowledge and expertise from a truly European partner in all aspects of IP. HGF is represented throughout the UK and Europe with 22 offices. We are anything but a satellite organisation, with over 400 experts where over 200 are attorneys, operating throughout the UK and Europe”, says Gareth Probert.

Any need, any issue
HGF has the power and capacity, knowledge and expertise to offer a complete range of IP services. With specialist knowledge and experience in almost all categories within life science, ranging from fundamental research in microbiology to the development of therapies based on newly created molecules, HGF can cater to any need that may arise.
“Clients can expect in-depth experience from us at any stage of development. We are also providing services to all kinds of businesses in life science, from the very small and local start-ups to large pharmaceutical companies with a global presence, regardless of the complexity of the issue”, Gareth Probert continues.

Protecting clients in all stages
Getting it right the first time around is crucial when it comes to protecting innovations. It also means that clients are able to become more strategic in their approach, being able to reach market release earlier and without mishaps on the way.
Protecting innovations is not only focused on protecting one’s own developments, but also being able to keep up with what competitors are doing. Thus, HGF offers a complete service in monitoring pending patents on behalf of clients. As soon as any patent is identified which may harm the business of the client, HGF is able to assist in filing an opposition against that patent.
Patent monitoring and filing opposition is an extremely important service, which has saved many clients from throwing money at the wrong development just to realise later that they lack freedom to operate. This is an excellent example of a very common challenge in the life science industry, and it is a challenge that HGF can help clients through.