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Comprehensive histotechnological expertise in Gothenburg

Histology deals with the structure of cells and their formation into tissues and organs. Modern histotechnological laboratories use different chemicals to determine structures of tissues. Tissue abnormalities and diseases, as well as normal anatomy, can be identified using this technology and it is therefore widely used in the broad field of pathology and research. Gothenburg-based Histo-Center offers a unique laboratory environment to the regional industry, healthcare and academic research. In fact, Histo-Center has a part to play in most large-scale research projects in medical technology and pharmaceutics in the Gothenburg-region.

“My vision was to create a laboratory that was so well-equipped that it would be a natural partner to leading research teams in medical science in the entire Gothenburg-region. This was over 20 years ago. Today, we reap the benefits as we have exceeded the original goal, we have reached and exceeded primary targets and are widely recognized all over Sweden for our expertise in histotechnology”, says Histo-Center founder and CEO Kristina Räftegård.

The histotechnologist’s role
Histo-Center offers a wide range of services in the field of histology, covering everything from preparing tissue samples for research purposes to actual analysis of different samples.
“The histotechnologist plays a crucial part in the chain of tasks required to reach a correct diagnosis. Small parts of tissue are prepared and analyzed by the histotechnologist, who must possess knowledge of various medical aspects in order to examine the samples. The technique itself requires many years of training and working with tissue samples. Here at Histo-Center we have gathered the best of the best with top analysts possessing many years of experience in the field”, Kristina Räftegård continues.
Histo-Center works closely with universities and medical research institutions all over Sweden and Europe. Pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers can also benefit from working with Histo-Center’s consultants.

Must attract future experts
Histotechnology is complex and just as Kristina Räftegård mentioned, it requires several years of practice for a histotechnologist to perfect the applied methodology. Therefore, it is not cost-efficient for companies or smaller laboratories to set up their own histotechnological laboratories. Histo-Center offers well-established expertise and can take care of virtually any research project that requires testing and analysis based on histotechnology.
“It is important to keep a lively discussion about histotechnology and to attract the best to our field. It is a challenge, as the training required is substantial. We must face this challenge and continue our work in a manner that attracts new, promising future histotechnologists. In order to raise interest, we offer thesis work and graduate positions for example”.

Key partner for academia
Kristina Räftegård explains that Histo-Center is a vital partner for collaboration to virtually all research teams within the Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg.
“It is essentially very cost-efficient for researchers to apply our expertise. We are approved according to GLP, Good Laboratory Practice and accredited as testing laboratoty, which ensures the highest level of professionalism in laboratory work. If the goal is to develop a new pharmaceutical drug for example, the accreditation is required”.