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Consultant Managers Trained in Good Leadership

Coaching a big number of consultants dispersed on many workplaces can be a real challenge. The key to success is transparent and honest communication.

Dfind Science & Engineering, formerly Proffice Life Science, specialises on recruitment and lease of scientists and engineers, with a strong commitment to its business areas, customers and consultants.

The consultants at Dfind Science & Engineering are acknowledged for their skills and competencies and Dfind puts a lot of effort into being a good employer, offering good terms for their employees. The goal is to provide a good career path for their consultants and to be the preferred choice for their customers.

Coaching Leadership
Last year, Dfind Science & Engineering implemented a training programme for their consultant managers with the aim of strengthening their coaching leadership and establish good and rewarding relations between Dfind, its consultants and customers.

”The programme covers issues like the personal role of leadership, communication and leading from a distance, or virtual leadership. Becoming conscious about how we are perceived, and perceive ourselves, as leaders has given us tools that make us confident in our roles as leaders and creating trust among our consultants and customers,” says Camilla Bågenholm, Operations Manager & Consultant Manager at Dfind Science & Engineering, and in charge of Dfind’s lease of consultants to Astra Zeneca.

”We’re all different, and to truly understand and find out the needs of both our customers and the consultants we’re coaching, it’s very important to actively listen to them. How we communicate is also very important. As consultant managers, we need to be transparent and clear and to give each role realistic expectations. If we succeed in this, we have a strong foundation for a coaching leadership that develops our consultants and creates rewarding relations between Dfind, our consultants and our customers,” she concludes.