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Cooperation a given success factor for growth in the Malmö life science-sector

The Skåne region, together with the Copenhagen area, is the largest geographic cluster for pharmaceutical development and biotechnology in Scandinavia. The city of Malmö is located at the heart of all this development and thus offers excellent opportunities for the establishment of life science-oriented companies and research projects. The immediate availability and proximity to top-notch medical research, advanced medical care and high-tech companies provides a unique and highly creative environment.

Malmö is located at the very centre of the well-established Life Science-cluster internationally known as Medicon Valley, which stretches across the expansive Öresund region. The region has in fact become known as one of Europe’s most attractive for companies and organisations operating in the life sciences, covering everything from biotechnology and medical technology to drug development and health care.

A good foundation for further growth
Malmö is of particular interest for the establishment of life science businesses from several perspectives. Not only due to the unique geographical location, but also because of the strong medical tradition embedded in Malmö. This is something that the initiators of the collaborative organisation Medical Malmo have taken advantage of in order to boost further growth.
“Malmö is the provider of both powerful research and a good base for recruitment. We have expertise in various research areas and the modern city of Malmö is known as a city of knowledge in the expansive Öresund region”, says Maria Engström, Business Development Manager at the City of Malmö.
Direct access and close proximity to specific areas of expertise such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, haemophilia, reconstructive surgery, dentistry and sports medicine enables Malmö to attract more players in several adjoining areas. In addition, Malmö benefits from proximity to other medical specialties in both Lund and Copenhagen.
Business Development Manager Maria Engström comments on Malmö’s ability to form a strong foundation for further growth within the Life Science-sector:
“We have an exceptional opportunity to build something substantial and unique in history, thanks to well-established networks for collaboration in our region. Medical Malmo and Medeon Science Park are platforms for collaboration and growth with a wide variety of activities. Malmö is also characterised by a strong entrepreneurial spirit with well-established support structures for entrepreneurs”.

Supporting the life science industry
The City of Malmö has a strong interest in supporting the life science industry. This is evident most clearly in the municipality’s financial support in the creation and development of Medeon Science Park and the collaboration organisation Medical Malmo. The municipality has also allocated large areas for the expansion of life science-oriented activities for instance for the INSPI-project, with an ambition to build a new Health Campus in Malmö.
“The philosophy behind the creation of Medeon Science Park is that any expansive industry has its unique requirements. Knowledge, facilities and services are required to meet these needs. The Medeon Science Park focuses on knowledge-intensive companies in life science. Like other research parks, Medeon offers a mix of services to make life easier for their tenants. Accessible facilities, industry-specific advice and competent networks are some of the benefits that promote the growth of Medeon”, says Business Development Director Pehr Andersson.

New initiatives in motion
Medical Malmo (“Det Medicinska Malmö”) was created by the City of Malmö in collaboration with Region Skåne, Malmö University and Lund University in order to enhance the image of Malmö as an attractive city of knowledge and to strengthen the regional profile and attractiveness of the region as a biomedical powerhouse. Ulf G Andersson describes Medical Malmo as “a unique initiative focusing on events, establishments and engagements for growth.”
The key words for the organisation are collaboration, proximity and simplicity. Since its inception in November 2011, Medical Malmo has been actively involved in close to 40 different events. Another important initiative is NanoMed North, a consortium of partners working within nanomedicine, including members from all over Scandinavia.
Medical Malmo is also the initiator of the World Diabetes Day in Malmö on November 9 this year, an event that is expected to become a great success just like “Senior i Centrum”, a recurring congress dedicated to the needs and healthcare of the elderly, co-arranged by Medical Malmo. This year “Senior i Centrum” hosted more than 3500 people in May, including both professionals and public, and more than 100 companies exhibited.
The City of Malmö is also continuously working to make it easier to gain access to all the necessary contacts and information related to start-up and development of businesses. Thanks to a recently founded service function entrepreneurs now have access to a much shorter route to the municipal functions regarding coordinated information and advice on various business-related issues.