Sön 21 jul / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

Creating unity at the island of Donsö

The excess from Donsö Shipping Meet, as well as generous donations, goes straight into the Donsö Foundation (Donsöstiftelsen). The Foundation supports socially beneficial projects with connection to the island of Donsö. Only projects relating to Donsö can get support through the Foundation.

There is a unique spirit of unity on the island of Donsö. A cohesion that may not exist elsewhere. The Donsö Foundation, initiated in 2011, work to strengthen and retain this unity.

A clear vision
The founders of the Donsö Foundation established a vision from day one, namely that the foundation’s main purpose is to promote the maintenance of the sense of unity for residents on the island of Donsö. This is done by financially supporting projects and activities that are of benefit to primarily children, young people and the elderly.
The projects and activities must be of a public interest in the sense that they may not be limited to the financial interests of particular persons or families, with the exception of grants that may be justified by the need originating from illness or disability.

New sports venues
Applications to the Foundation can be submitted by both organisations and individuals. Financial support is, however, only granted to such projects or activities that serves the Foundation’s purpose.
“Thanks to money from the Foundation, we have been able to build new sports venues and even realise a film project where our old traditions and history are brought to life. There are really no restrictions to what we can achieve. Everything that can be linked to the development of Donsö is of interest”, says Dick Höglund, Member of the Board, Donsö Foundation.

For more information, please visit the Foundation’s website: www.donsostiftelsen.se.