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CRONOS – the Industry Leading Lessor of Rolltrailers and other Specialized Container Equipment

Intermodal equipment provider Cronos continues to grow and gain market share with one of the most diverse fleets in the industry. Fundamental changes in cargo delivery methods are happening all over the world and Cronos offers a variety of flexible and attractive leasing solutions through its fleet of dry, refrigerated, tank and specialized containers.

Cronos is one of the world’s largest container leasing companies with a fleet valued at over $2 billion. Since 1978, Cronos has specialized in container leasing, design, and sales, servicing the needs of more than 480 customers in a wide variety of industries. With its infrastructure of over 90 industry professionals, and a network of 18 offices in 17 countries, Cronos offers one of the world’s largest and most diversified container fleets together with one of the industry’s most advanced IT and operations platforms.

Special equipment on lease
Cronos is the industry’s largest lessor of specialized containers which are designed and customised to provide versatile solutions to moving heavy, unconventional or over-sized loads.
“Over the past two years, despite significant and on-going uncertainty in the market, we have continued to grow and to generate positive results”, Marketing Director Jan Hellström reveals. “The current economic slowdown without question has had a negative effect on the volume of consumer goods transported, especially in the China to Europe trade. But at the same time, increased trade related to the transportation of food and infrastructure investment, continues to take place. And our customers continue to need specialized equipment from Cronos on long and short term leases.”
The Cronos specialized fleet range includes bulkers, opentops, flatracks and rolltrailers. The Cronos rolltrailer provides the solution for moving heavy over-sized cargos. Available in 20´, 40´, and 62´ sizes, the Cronos rolltrailer is used to safely transport cargoes on-board RoRo vessels and around terminals and industrial areas.
In addition to leasing standard and specialized equipment, Cronos, through its Equipment Services and Trading department, also offers equipment design and consultancy services to those customers seeking to acquire standard and specialized equipment for ownership. Customers can work with Cronos to procure custom-made units that are suitable for any transport needs. Cronos has offered this service since the early 1990s.

The Cronos Local Organization
The Cronos office in Gothenburg is responsible for the organization’s business in Scandinavia, the Baltic nations and Russia. The office is managed by Veronica Leu, Christian Balazs and Jan Hellström.