Sön 26 jun / År 40 / Nr 3 2022

Daring to be different pays off for Donsötank

Shipping companies are chasing shorter lead times, more efficient operations and lower freight rates – all while at the same time being chased themselves by stricter safety and environmental requirements. This is the reality for Donsötank. Regardless of tough global competition, Donsötank dares to invest in the latest technology in existing vessels as well as in a couple of new LNG-fuelled tankers.

Shipping is one of the world’s most dynamic industries. New requirements and regulations are introduced continuously, and the shipowners must adapt quickly. Shipping is a global matter, and this places even higher demands on flexibility and responsiveness of all who wants to compete.
What drives family businesses like Donsötank to compete globally? Dating back to the beginning of the 20th century and, like many of its neighbouring companies on the island of Donsö, originating from bunkering, the family company Donsötank was established in its present constellation in the 1950ies. Ever since focused on delivering a comprehensive service according to core values of continuity, responsiveness and personality.

Unique fighting spirit
Being different has paid off for Donsötank. The company demonstrates a unique fighting spirit, as well as innovative thinking and adaptability. Despite the recent pricing issues in shipping, and global pressures with an excess of tankers operating the market, Donsötank is looking to invest in new tankers. Two new-buildings are in progress and set for delivery in 2021.
“Minimising environmental impact and maximising safety are top priority and that is why we have chosen to invest in new vessels. In addition to LNG operations, the new tankers can be operated on biogas. They are equipped with the most fuel-efficient technology available from Wärtsilä. They will also be prepared for both battery operation and for being connected to land-based power at quayside. I think these investments speak for themselves in terms of our environmental focus”, says Henrik Lorensson, Technical Manager at Donsötank.
At the same time, new fuel-saving technology is invested in two existing vessels, namely the sisters Solando and Solero from 2009.
“By continuing to invest in a modern tanker fleet and new technology, we can continue to compete on a global level. We have shown that we dare to invest, and this communicates that we believe in our business and then our customers will believe in us”, says Ingvar Lorensson, Managing Director.

A recipe for success
The Donsötank strategy is evidently a recipe for success. The family company has managed to retain impressive market shares despite increased pressure on the global market. In addition, Donsötank has chosen to keep all ships registered under the Swedish flag.
“Keeping our tonnage under the Swedish flag is an important matter for us as a Swedish family shipping company. We believe in our nation’s future as a shipping nation. Thanks to our competent and committed staff, we have succeeded in being competitive even during the toughest of times”, Ingvar Lorensson continues.
Donsötank’s vessels do not operate on fixed trades but are chartered to carry a certain amount of cargo per month. The same vessel can therefore serve several oil companies at the same time. In order to maximise the benefit of the latest investments at Donsötank, Navix Maritime Chartering focuses on optimising the utilisation rate of all vessels. The two new LNG-fuelled vessels will also be commercially operated by Navix when they arrive in less than two years’ time. Undeniably, Donsötank looks forward with confidence.