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DENTSPLY Implants and Wellspect HealthCare carry the Astra Tech heritage on to new opportunities

American DENTSPLY International’s acquisition of Swedish Astra Tech in June 2011 is a ground-breaking event in the company’s history. It is a win-win for both DENTSPLY and Astra Tech, providing substantial resources for Astra Tech to develop both dental and healthcare solutions. Previously, the company was divided into Astra Tech Dental and Astra Tech Healthcare respectively. The core activities of both business areas remain as before, but as from the second half of 2012 the dental solutions are organized under DENTSPLY Implants, and the healthcare product range under Wellspect HealthCare.

Everything previously known as Astra Tech, both dental and healthcare related, is currently being organized under DENTSPLY Implants and Wellspect HealthCare. The idea is to provide a more focused profile in each business area, at the same time providing a wider range of products and focusing on strong development for the future.
“Our new owners provide us with substantial resources, enabling for a much stronger development on a global basis. The teams behind the development and our main activities remain the same; we still have the same mission – which is to become one of the world’s top developers of dental implants. We are closer to reaching that goal now than ever before”, says Lars Henrikson, Group Vice President of DENTSPLY Implants.
Astra Tech HealthCare, the company behind LoFric®, will continue working under Wellspect HealthCare. Products and brands such as LoFric® remain the same; the only differences are that they are marketed under Wellspect HealthCare and that the development has the opportunity to reach broader markets. Svenn Poulsen, Group President of Wellspect Healthcare, comments:
“DENTSPLY International has a long-term ambition in the healthcare field. Astra Tech HealthCare provides a good starting point for a broad market approach including various healthcare related products that are considered top-range globally. We look forward to further development as part of a much larger organization”.

A journey to the top
DENTSPLY Implants is described as the new powerhouse in implant dentistry. It is based on a union of two successful and innovative dental implant businesses: DENTSPLY Friadent and Astra Tech Dental. DENTSPLY Implants offers a comprehensive line of dental implants, digital technologies and professional development programs. Headquarters functions like development, marketing and operations will be located at former Astra Tech’s premises in Mölndal, a few minutes from central Gothenburg.
Astra Tech Dental and DENTSPLY Friadent are both products of an impressive history based on ground-breaking discoveries in dental implant technology. “Our history combined with the strength of the new owner DENTSPLY International, we have the power and opportunity to create a wholesome and unique product range that exceeds the expectations of the modern dentist. Our customers can rely on that our world-leading products will be maintained and developed. We continue as strongly committed to innovation and clinical research, and to our shared vision – to increase the quality of life for patients worldwide”, Lars Henrikson continues.
DENTSPLY Implants offer a wide product range that provides a unique freedom to create predictable, sustainable and patient-specific implant solutions. The product portfolio consists of dental implants and prosthetics, regenerative bone substitutes, digital technology and professional development tools.
Dentist Lars Henrikson joined Astra Tech ten years ago. After many years in sales and marketing of dental implants and related products, Henrikson wanted to focus on the core development of industrial applications for dental implants. “Former Astra Tech’s vision was to become one of the top global providers of dental implant technology; the goal has been reached as DENTSPLY Implants today occupies a position in the top-three leading dental implant developers”, he says.

A bright future with the best of the best
The collaboration platform for industry, academia and healthcare is outstanding in the Gothenburg region. This is one of the main reasons for why the core activities of former Astra Tech are kept here.
“We will continue our operations as a strong, important employer in the region. We provide some 1200 positions, and it is not unlikely that we will expand in the next few years as a result of our new ownership. At the same time, it is important to note that we will keep all our activities here in Mölndal. As we are now part of a 12 000 employee organization, the opportunities provided to our Swedish staff are greatly enhanced. We can now offer international positions to a much larger extent than before, for example”, explains Svenn Poulsen.
Svenn Poulsen is originally a physician with long experience in the medical industry. Previously, Poulsen has worked in the pharmaceutical and medical technology sectors, focusing on the operational and business developmental activities. He describes his role at Wellspect HealthCare as “an opportunity to work with and develop top-line brands in a company that can be compared with the best of the best”.