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Dentsply takes AVT as “a partner to count on”

Medical Technology is an industry of the future. For companies operating in industrial automation, the ever-expansive Medtech-sphere provides an important foundation for future growth. This is something that well-established companies such as Gothenburg-based AVT Industriteknik AB are well aware of.

The Medtech industry requires quality and skill at a level that is far above average. Thanks to well-established knowledge and experience, AVT can meet and often exceed the high expectations of today’s innovation- and technology-driven Medtech companies. “We have, and will continue to invest in order to maintain a good relationship with the Medtech industry. We essentially feel that it is an industry that fits a company like AVT well”, says AVT Industriteknik CEO Martin Book.

Turn-key supplier
So what can AVT offer? As a turn-key supplier within Industry Automation, Leak Detection, and Converting machinery (Rotary Die Cut), AVT delivers advanced systems for various industries. Typical solutions include robot assembly cells, assembly lines, robot vision, and machine tending, as well as advanced control systems. Practically anything needed to achieve efficient industry automation is AVT’s business.
“With our own workshop including CNC machines and a large assembly hall, we maintain good control of the entire development process of our clients’ systems. Most processes are developed, manufactured in-house, including electrical cabinets. Standard components are sourced from leading suppliers. We work closely with the customer and offer support all the way from concept to installation. Every project is unique. For example, we recently delivered an advanced automation system to Dentsply, one of the world’s largest medical technology companies”, Martin Book reveals.

Long-term partnership
Micael Andersson, Project Manager at Dentsply, expresses that cooperation with AVT has worked very well, and he describes the company as a partner to count on. The initial work around the new automation system commenced in 2011, and the system was recently delivered to the former Astra Tech site, today’s Dentsply, in Gothenburg. AVT has previously delivered a number of other solutions to Dentsply, the fact that Dentsply choose the same supplier again testifies of the long term relationship and mutual trust between the companies.
“We intend to continue our collaboration with AVT. We believe above all that AVT is an ideal partner for automation projects, primarily based on environmental and quality issues, delivery time and expertise”, Micael Andersson underlines.
“What we do is primarily to help the client develop efficient production systems. The key is to create profitability in our client’s processes”, says Martin Book.

Current expansion
AVT continues to expand with the Gothenburg-region as base but the deliveries reaches all around Sweden and also globally mainly for leak detection and converting machines. The company was founded in 2001 through the merging of two existing businesses operating primarily in industrial applications and automation. The Automotive industry was initially AVT’s prime focus, but since a number of years back other manufacturing industries and not least the expanding Medtech industry has been of particular interest to AVT.

“Since 2007 we are fully owned by Investment AB Latour, and we have since acquired a couple of other companies with similar operations as well. We continue to grow based on our customers demand and hope to expand and grow our customer base primarily within Medtech”, announces Martin Book.
AVT currently employs around 100 people including external consultants and is on the verge of recruiting new expertise.