Tor 20 jun / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

Education is the key: Anton Paar aims to raise awareness of new technology

Anton Paar produces high-end measuring and laboratory instruments for both industrial and academic applications. As a leading instruments developer, Anton Paar has a strong foothold in the Nordic countries.

“We have gradually built up our organization and developed both knowledge and competence in service and sales across Scandinavia. The long-term aim is to make our presence both broader and deeper throughout Scandinavia, which overall is a highly strategic and expanding market for Anton Paar”, says Hans Strinsjö, CEO, Anton Paar Nordic.

Raising awareness of new technology
Being a global pioneer in the development of advanced instruments, Anton Paar has continuously invested in research and development in order to refine its products and tools. In addition, the company has identified a great advantage in offering hands-on experience to clients and partners by providing workshops, courses and customer events.
A recent example, the SAXS seminar that was arranged in Malmö in late May had the purpose of raising awareness of the SAXS/WAXS technique to investigate nanostructured particles. During the seminar, Anton Paar took the opportunity to introduce and demonstrate SAXSpace, a modular nanostructure analyser able to measure many types of samples at the press of a button, regardless of angle and particle size.

No academic equivalent
The SAXS seminar is not new to Anton Paar but it was the first time that it was held in Scandinavia. In addition, Anton Paar participates in scientific meetings and offers continuous training courses, one example being the annual comprehensive training course on rheology and its everyday application in the industry. According to Hans Strinsjö, “the courses and events ideally present a way for Anton Paar to actively participate in scientific discussions throughout various disciplines and industries”.
It is also a unique opportunity for clients and partners to meet key experts, i.e. the people who developed the instruments and therefore are familiar with them down to the smallest detail. The tailored course on rheology is well appreciated by current and potential new users of rheology instrumentation, which is why Anton Paar has shouldered the responsibility of further educating the industry in this important discipline.

The key to success
There are several more marketing events and seminars across the globe which Anton Paar actively takes part in during the year. The long-term goal of this commitment is, as Hans Strinsjö points out, to establish a stronger presence on strategic markets as well as contributing to increased knowledge of what modern technology can offer.
“We often talk of a broader and deeper presence in all our key markets. As an aspect of this, we have developed instrument specific qualification packages alongside our product offer. We are now able to offer an instrument-specific qualification package for customers in the pharmaceutical industry, for example”.
The package includes the traditional steps of a complete instrument qualification according to the 4Q model (USP <1058>): (DQ), (IQ), (OQ) (PQ), including additional steps like the Qualification Instruction (QI) and the Final Qualification (FQ). This qualification package fulfills all requirements of GMP, GAMP5, 21 CFR Part 11 and USP<1058>. With this manufacturer’s know-how at their disposal, pharmaceutical companies save time and costs for additional training measures.
Anton Paar maintains an ambitious plan when it comes to expanding in the Nordic market. An impressively large portion of the Parent company’s annual turnover is dedicated to research activities and this brings a stream of new products. And according to Hans Strinsjö, new products represent the key to further development and success.