Sön 26 jun / År 40 / Nr 3 2022

Emerging companies welcome at the AstraZeneca BioVentureHub

With increasing focus on precision medicine, patient centricity and preventative care, it’s not efficient nor sustainable to develop drugs, devices, diagnostics and digital health solutions in isolation. With its BioVentureHub, AstraZeneca is building a new structure for cross-sector collaboration that is catalysing innovation and an inclusive approach to designing healthcare solutions for the future.

Based on an innovative public-private-partnership model and located at the heart of the AstraZeneca site in Gothenburg, the BioVentureHub gives emerging biotech, medtech and digital health companies and academic groups from Sweden and abroad a unique opportunity to co-locate with?and tap into?the power of AstraZeneca’s world-class scientists and state-of-the-art lab facilities and infrastructure, and with each other.

Emerging life science companies are welcome to become a part of the BioVentureHub. More specifically, any growing company that has its patents in order and is currently developing interesting technologies, products or treatments in the pharmaceutical business, medical devices, digital health systems or diagnostics area, is welcome to set up in the BioVentureHub.

“We created the BioVentureHub environment for innovation and development at the heart of AstraZeneca Gothenburg, five years ago. Support from our stakeholders, including Vinnova and Region Västra Götaland, has been invaluable along our journey. A common goal was, and still is, to help build a strong life science collaborative cluster in Gothenburg, ensuring that the region is an essential part of the Swedish life science ecosystem,” explains Magnus Björsne, CEO of the BioVentureHub.

Unique innovation hub
The BioVentureHub is one of very few innovation hubs focusing on emerging companies rather than start-ups. Moreover, it brings together ideas and innovations from four different sectors together in the same place, namely pharmaceutical drug development, medtech/devices, digital health systems and diagnostics.

“Working across boundaries and sectors is necessary as future healthcare will be much more personalised. Future treatments are likely to include a combination of all four sectors, and we have created the environment to facilitate this cross-sector convergence and collaboration. says Magnus Björsne.

He explains further, “Anyone working for the companies in the BioVentureHub has access to world-class R&D facilities and to the scientific expertise and know-how of the AstraZeneca staff. Developing and sharing ideas and knowledge is what drives us and motivates us. We hope this helps to put Gothenburg on the map as a global centre for life science.”