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Empowering patients to take control over their Diabetes

Imagine the power of knowing exactly where your glucose value has been, where it is now and even where it is going. If you have Diabetes, reliable prediction of your glucose levels empowers you to plan ahead, and thus improving your quality of life significantly with less worry and more power to live the way you want. For parents of children with Diabetes, this type of knowledge could banish sleepless nights for good.

Traditional fingerprick measurements are not enough to soothe parents of children with Diabetes. As the tests only provide information on the current glucose levels, and give no indication as to whether plasma glucose levels are rising or falling, there is constant worry both day and night for these parents. But there is help at hand. With Continuous Glucose Monitoring, CGM, it is possible to obtain critical information of past, current and even predicted future glucose levels.

Empowering the patient
Dr Peter Adolfsson, Chief Physician at the Children’s Clinic of Halland including the hospitals in Halmstad and Kungsbacka, explains that the difference between the traditional fingerprick plasma glucose monitoring and CGM is that CGM provides long-term information of how the glucose levels are affected over time in detail. With this critical information, the patient is able to make good decisions about his or her day without any unwanted surprises regarding glucose levels later on.
“The Dexcom G4 Platinum provides the current generation of CGM monitoring. It provides a complete set of values over time and thus also enabling for the prediction of trends, exactly the type of information that will empower the patient and grant the opportunity to live a more active life”, says Dr Adolfsson.

Long-term solutions save money
Dr Adolfsson has assigned CGM to several patients of the Children’s Clinic in Halland, and he hopes for further expansion on a national scale.
“The device provides the necessary means to a healthier life for people with Diabetes”, he says. “It provides 288 values a day, and gives predictions of future values. This makes it possible for the patient to adjust the timing of a mealtime dose (bolus), to adjust the size and type of dose, and to avoid rapid drops in blood-sugar levels, thus providing for a general better health in the long run. It is better than any short-term solution used throughout healthcare today”. Another important aspect to bear in mind is that of the parents of children with diabetes. From that perspective, it is not only the patients who benefit from the use of CGM. In fact, parents often point out that they cannot imagine going back to only plasma glucose measurements after a period of using CGM. Therefore, using CGM often results in better health in parents as well, as they may worry less and sleep better at night.

The given option
At the Children’s Clinic, Dr Adolfsson can present very good results thanks to the use of CGM. His main goal is to be able to provide the device to a majority of his patients in the future, which in the long run would be more cost-efficient to the hospital as well.
“Many of us still remember the time we went from measuring urine sugar to blood sugar. The new technology was met with resistance, just as CGM is met with some caution now. Measuring blood sugar was revolutionary at the time, but today it is a given option. In the same way, CGM will become the given option in the future”, concludes Dr Peter Adolfsson.