Tor 23 maj / År 42 / Nr 1 2024

Enzymatica ready for NASDAQ OMX Stockholm

After last year’s Grand Slam in launching ColdZyme mouth spray, the Swedish biotechnology company Enzymatica AB is ready for listing on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm during Q3 this year. Changing lists is essential to the company’s international expansion plans.

The successful launch of the ColdZyme range has granted Enzymatica a strong position on the Swedish market. ColdZyme mouth spray is now among the top three products used to treat the common cold, and the only product that has a proven effect on reducing spreading of the virus if treatment is commenced swiftly.

An estimated 25 million infections
Enzymatica’s easy-to-use and effective treatment for the common cold is based on patented enzyme technology. ColdZyme mouth spray is intended to be used to prevent colds, but it can also shorten the duration of the disease if the spray is used from an early stage of the infection.
The potential market in the Nordic region is estimated to around 25 million infections, which is equivalent to one-third of the incidence of the common cold treated with some form of medical preparation today. The market is also expected to increase steadily each year by around five per cent, according to data presented by Euromonitor/IMS.
The successful launch has not only facilitated the change of lists from Aktietorget to NASDAQ OMX Stockholm, but also made way for further expansion across Scandinavia.
“We are currently looking to expand in Scandinavia using our own forces, but this does not exclude the possibility of Enzymatica entering into new partnerships that may enhance our international position with ColdZyme”, says CEO Michael Edelborg Christensen.

Further expansion possible
So far, the focus of Enzymatica has largely been on developing in-depth knowledge of the common cold and how it can be treated. The enzyme used in ColdZyme will be used in the development of other medical treatments focusing on upper airway infections, oral infections and inflammations in humans, as well as in dermatology within veterinary care.
The next step is to introduce a mouth wash, possibly through partnership.
The mouth wash is an interesting product in itself, as it was developed using the knowledge gained from studies on oral hygiene in dogs. The findings have also made way for a development of a new veterinary product used to improve canine oral hygiene, first launched in USA. Further expansion through distributors is likely regarding the veterinary product.