Lör 26 nov / År 40 / Nr 4 2022

Eson Pac is ready for the development of Precision Medicine

Packaging manufacturer Eson Pac is often called the pride of Veddige, a small community in Varberg on the Swedish west coast. And rightly so – Eson Pac is a growing company largely based on local manpower. More than half of the employees are from the region and the family business culture remains despite continuous expansion.

Eson Pac has succeeded in what many other manufacturing companies can only dream of. The production figures are doubled – but the workforce remains the same. And it is still a great place to work – many of us are wondering how that can be possible? It is a matter of good planning and optimisation of resources, but is that all?

Impressive transformation
Eson Pac has made an impressive transformation from multi-purpose carton producer to a producer of high quality and precision products. “Since 2018, we are focusing entirely on the pharmaceutical industry”, says Niklas Bengtsson, Sales and Markering Director at Eson Pac.
The company produces cartons, labels and instructions for use. Standards are set high within the entire pharmaceutical sphere, and Eson Pac is no stranger to complex projects.
“At the plant in Veddige, we have a high-efficiency cartons manufacturing line that is world-class. It testifies our ability to produce to extremely high standards of quality and precision”, says Niklas Bengtsson.
Eson Pac was founded as early as 1967 and collaboration with big developers in Pharma commenced only a few years after that. With decades of experience, Eson Pac can meet the demands of the modern pharmaceutical developers and manufacturers.

Trending: patient-targeted batches
Considering demographic trends across the globe, it becomes clear that an aging population will require more extensive care and more pharmaceutical drugs are to be produced as a result of that. The use of medicines and medical devices in most segments is not likely to decrease any time soon.
Thus, the vast opportunities within Pharma has set the guideline for Eson Pac’s future investments. “It is a growing market and we intend to be a partner here for many years to come. At the same time, the pharmaceutical market is a complex one that is rapidly changing”.
Niklas Bengtsson sees both opportunities and challenges for the future. “The current trends suggest that we will see more of Precision Medicine soon. For us, this means smaller and more patient-targeted batches to be produced”, he says.
As we can be sure to reap the benefits of a more personalised care and increased person-oriented treatments, the manufacturers of the products making it possible can also be sure of one thing and that is an even higher demand when it comes to the manufacturing process. “Producing smaller batches is not easier, and not cheaper. Quite on the contrary. What we must do now is to continue developing our operations to meet the demands of the future – small batches produced at high speed – at a lower cost”.