Tor 25 jul / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

Etteplan brings large-scale engineering services to Medicon Valley

Swedish and Danish medtech companies in Medicon Valley can benefit from the collective knowledge and expertise of one of Finland’s largest engineering consultancy firms. Etteplan takes responsibility for development projects through the entire lifecycle; from user studies and industrial design to development and design of full-scale prototypes.

With almost 1800 specialists in Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands and China, Etteplan can manage even the most complex assignments related to electronics and embedded systems development, automation and electrical design, mechanical design and technical product information solutions and services.

Brings tailored services for all
Magnus Persson, Site Manager in Halmstad and Lund, explains that Etteplan has all the certifications and regulatory expertise necessary to serve the international medtech industry.
“The idea that Etteplan only is an exclusive partner to very large industrial companies is a common misconception. It is true that we can meet the requirements of some of the world’s largest multinational industrial developers, but at the same time it is often the very small research-oriented companies that can benefit the most from having a partner such as Etteplan”.
This is partly why Etteplan is present in Lund, at the very heart of Medicon Valley.
“The idea was to bring large-scale engineering services closer to a market dominated by small start-ups with high innovation content. Our services are tailored to each client and their specific needs, and members of the service team can originate from different sites depending on the project orientation”.

Expertise in regulatory matters
Magnus Persson underlines that the Halmstad site is known for its expertise in regulatory matters. This is something that affects everyone in the medical technology industry. The development of new medtech products is strictly governed by several agencies, especially when the product is close to market.
“We have the necessary regulatory certifications for developing products in class I, IIa – IIb and III. Our clients are medical experts and we are experts in product development, together we can bring new innovations to market. This is our ambition at Etteplan and this is why we call ourselves a one-stop-shop for effective product development”.
The Halmstad team consists of 35 experts, where 25 are focused solely on clients in the medtech industry.

Success stories
There are many success stories where Etteplan has been at the center of development, for example concerning products that have a direct impact on patient experience.
Etteplan has for example developed a new production-ready biopsy instrument for breast cancer diagnosis for the Swedish medtech company NeoDynamics. The collaboration with NeoDynamics continues and involves several more steps including the documentation which is the basis for CE-marking the product.
It was thanks to Etteplan’s expertise in regulatory affairs, as well as the company’s certified development process, that NeoDynamics decided to initiate cooperation regarding the biopsy instrument.

Continuous success
Etteplan’s success continues with more cutting-edge technology development projects in close collaboration with leading companies in medical technology.
Interestingly, Etteplan was the first Nordic engineering consultancy firm to set up a subsidiary in China, close to new and expansive markets in the Far East. The combination of Scandinavian engineering and Chinese capacity is interesting, it grants a certain advantage especially on emerging markets.