Mån 24 jun / År 42 / Nr 3 2024

ExaktAlign’s services are always needed

A dedicated service partner and provider of turnkey solutions, with the know-how and experience to deliver any type of rotating machinery mounting solution. It sounds almost too good to be true. ExaktAlign AB, founded by Dutch engineers Richard Cuperus and Michel Belvroy in Gothenburg, offers a wide range of alignment services and mounting solutions applicable to the broad marine sphere as well as in land-based industrial contexts and has branch offices in Sweden and the Netherlands.

With references from global hotshots such as Stena Line and Lloyds’ Register and Feadship. ExaktAlign has come to a great start in Gothenburg. The company was founded in 2010, combining Michel Belvroy’s 30 years of expertise in every kind of laser based as well as conventional measuring techniques, machinery mounting and general rotating equipment knowledge gained in the Royal Dutch Navy, Dutch Northsea Services, SKF machine support and Wärtsilä with Richard Cuperus’ experience gained in a 20 years career in Wärtsilä.

State-of-the-art products
ExaktAlign offers products and services within chocking and mounting, engineering and alignment services that together form unique solutions tailored and optimised to each type of rotating machinery. The range of delivery may vary from a straight forward alignment check-up to a complete project including alignment, on site development, engineering, delivery of mounting materials and project management.
“Our products are state-of-the-art and often revolutionary. RotaChock is such a product, it is widely accepted in the relatively conservative marine industry and what makes our product unique and revolutionary is that it is adjustable. It works in all types of environments and in all possible scenarios”, Richard Cuperus explains.
Alignment is always made in cold conditions, but as the machinery works it gets hot, and the alignment changes. With an adjustable chock, it is always possible to obtain an exact alignment. Even though the solution is quite simple, based on existing technology, the product is still quite unknown globally. ExaktAlign are now taking the first steps on a global market, making sure that the RotaChock gets the attention it truly deserves.
“Another interesting product that we offer is Loctite’s epoxy compound; Fix-master Marine Chocking. We are the sole distributor of both RotaChock and Fixmaster on the Swedish market”.

Always needed
Shipping is connected to economic growth and trends in consumption. Recent developments show that the need for shipping increases, despite market uncertainty. ExaktAlign provides its services mostly after overhauls or repair. However, more orders have been received for installation and alignment of machinery in new build ships. Lately, the company received a mega order for performing alignment checks to more than 300 small land based power plants as part of a preventive maintenance program.
“The services that we offer are needed all the time, all year round and everywhere where there is a need to ship goods and materials. We are therefore very positive about our future opportunities, and we would also like to see the preventive maintenance reinstated. As awareness increases, we gain new customers. We work for shipyards, shipowners and service providers. We also perform our services at sea, when the vessel is still in operation. This was the case onboard Stena Danica where we aligned and mounted one of the four main engines using 28 RotaChocks”, Richard Cuperus explains.

Partner to shipowners and shipyards
Although Sweden does not have many large shipyards left, there are still many prominent shipowners who need ExaktAlign’s products and services for both preventive as well as corrective maintenance.
“As part of the dimensional surveys we offer, we perform laser scanning of engine rooms and other rooms on board. With the upcoming legislation for NOx, SOx and ballast water treatment, there is a need for installation of large treatment devices. As this installation has to be performed in the shortest possible time, there is a need for accurate information about the available space present on board. With the CAD model delivered, every shipyard is able to prepare such a conversion in detail. This saves tremendous amounts of time, which is the most valuable resource in shipping. Therefore we are an important partner to shipowners and shipyards alike”, says Richard Cuperus in conclusion.