Tis 28 nov / År 41 / Nr 5 2023

Executive Search Team with a Life Science Focus

The fact that the executive search organisation TRANSEARCH International has consultants dedicated to the life sciences is appreciated by many companies in the business. One example is AddLife that has been working with Transearch in several recruitments.

In each executive search, Transearch International creates a team of consultants and researchers with the appropriate industry knowledge.
”For us, it’s important that the executive search team understands the needs and dynamics prevalent in life science businesses. That’s one of the key reasons which made it attractive for us to work with Transearch in several executive recruitments,” says Artur Aira, COO, Executive Vice President of AddLife AB (formerly Addtech Life Science), an enterprise of 25 companies, primarily active on the Nordic life science market in the fields of labtech and medtech.

Probing Deeper
To reduce the many uncertainties and risks in an executive hire Transearch has developed the Orxestra© method. It probes deeper at the qualifications of the candidate, and culture, performance, leadership and team fit are all taken into account.
”Among other things, they analyse the positions and dynamics present in the group of executives and how the group works. We especially appreciate their long-term commitment and that they work according to a transparent and professional process, with follow-ups of each recruitment,” says Artur Aira, who warmly recommends executive search consultant Elinor Hartung and her team to other life science companies.