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Experts at Finding Experts

To find the much attracted competence out there, it’s not enough to scan LinkedIn or CV databases. Moveup Consulting knows where and how to hunt for the best candidates.

Moveup Consulting is a niche recruiting agency founded in 2001 that specialises in using search methods to recruit qualified professionals. Their business is principally oriented towards the areas of Pharma and Medtech plus IT and Technology.

The company has offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg. Working with well-established partners in Denmark, Norway and Finland, the company covers the entire Scandinavian market. Their geographical coverage has given them the advantage of gaining big national and Nordic agreements.

”We work with some of the biggest medtech and pharma companies in Scandinavia, but also with small VC-funded companies,” says Tom Bergqvist, Managing Director of Moveup Consulting AB.

The best candidates are often already employed in good positions and are not job-searching via advertisements or other channels. Therefore, to find the much attracted competence out there, it’s seldom enough to scan LinkedIn or CV databases, you need to make a lot of telephone calls and speak to many people in the business.

”We actively hunt for the best candidates. Our search involves industry networks, the web, our own database of candidates, daily and specialty newspapers, industry-related training, seminars, and fairs as well as other relevant industry contacts. Then we persuade them to explore the opportunities our clients are offering. We often include candidates from the client’s organisation in the process as well,” tells Tom Bergqvist.

Profiling Important
The client may have an extensive and/or unrealistic wish list with all the qualifications they want their candidate to possess.

”We help them to prioritise among the qualifications, since it could be quite hard to find someone fitting them all. Sometimes, we also discover flaws in their analysis that don’t necessarily correspond with the requirements and requests of other stakeholders. As a result, we play an important role in the formulation of the requirements profile,” Tom Bergqvist comments.

Another aspect to consider is that it takes two to tango and that the candidate has a big saying too.

”Many candidates have high demands on their employer, so it’s important how our clients profile themselves. We can give them good advice in this matter. We’re also somewhat of a coach and advisor to the candidates in their careers.”

In addition to their search and recruiting services, Moveup offers workshops and training that help companies to build their own recruitment processes.

”Drawing from over ten years of experience, we lecture and train at both businesses and schools within our specialist area of recruiting key people,” Tom Bergqvist concludes.