Tis 28 nov / År 41 / Nr 5 2023

For professional cleaning in demanding environments

The cleaning company Gnido continues to grow with partners and clients in Piteå and the nearby municipalities. A lot of power in the region is currently concentrated to the development of the Markbygden wind farm, which will be Europe’s largest land-based wind farm when finished. During construction, there is a great need for professional cleaning services.

Tim Larsson is part of the third-generation management at Gnido. Just like his grandmother, the founder of the company, Tim sees the value in creating healthy workplaces. That is most likely why many companies sign long agreements with Gnido. Everyone wants to create the very best conditions for their staff to perform well, and this is done by offering a healthy workplace.

Operating in the Markbygden area
Of course, there are many companies that claim to be able to provide good cleaning services. But Gnido offers professional cleaning services that actually boosts and develops the clients workplace, all according to the customer’s needs and requirements.
“I think companies value our personality and our ability to deliver flexible services. No company is the same, and their needs for cleaning services are not the same. It is difficult to create a framework that everyone should fit into, which is why we are instead investing in developing unique services that work for each customer”, says Tim, who has the main responsibility for the cleaning operations in Markbygden on behalf of Eurocon.
During the construction of the Markbygden wind farm, a large number of barracks are used as local offices and staff rooms. Gnido ensures that the workplace is clean and safe, which in turn creates better conditions for the project to develop smoothly.
“Several of the construction companies that are active in the development of the wind power park area had already engaged our company before Eurocon did a central procurement with us. Therefore, we could start the assignment immediately and with knowledge of the workplace routine and so on. We expect to be active in the Markbygden are for several more years”, Tim explains.

Professionalism and good relationships
Gnido was founded based on the needs of the companies that hire the company’s services. The vision for the future is, just like the foundation, based on professionalism and building good relationships.
“We will continue to refine our services with a focus on professional customers. That is why we are constantly looking for talented employees with the right attitude for the job. Just because you have been cleaning for 20 years does not mean that you are able to perform in cleaning the environments in which our customers operate. We invest a lot in in-house training, and building long-term relationships means everything to us, says Sara Sundkvist, CEO and owner of Gnido.