Sön 3 dec / År 41 / Nr 5 2023

Full-service CRO at your fingertips

There are not many companies like Link Medical. As a full-service CRO, Link Medical can meet the needs of practically any large-scale pre-clinical and clinical developer, in all pharmaceutical applications as well as in the development of medical devices. Link Medical’s experts are available every day, all year round, and are only a call or email away.

Although the market is full of CROs, not many are true full-service providers. Link Medical’s offices in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Germany serves a global market of pharmaceutical developers from early stages (preclinical stage ) to phase II clinical studies.
Being a full-service partner, Link Medical offers support throughout the entire process from first idea to exit or registration and beyond. Projects usually start with a TPP workshop involving experienced clinical development experts, then building the Regulatory and Clinical strategy before starting with the first protocol.
Link Medical’s consultants are focused on small Biotech and Pharma companies, but also serve SMEs and Big Pharma in selected areas. The company’s product development services are also available to developers of medical devices with a dedicated team only working with Medical devices.

Becoming the best European CRO
Link Medical has recently acquired PCG Services with headoffice in Uppsala. This is an important step to becoming the best European CRO, PCG Services adds a large expertise in Biometrics (Statistics and Data Management) to the combined Company LINK Medical Research.
“We will be able to meet all demands of small and medium sized pharmaceutical developers with a superior expertise and flexibility compared to the large CROs. These smaller companies often find it hard to get from the preclinical to the clinical phase with speed, but with the support of Link Medical it is possible to obtain quicker results”, says Jan Hellqvist, General Manager of Link Medical Sweden.
“What makes us a strong partner for any pharma and medical device developer is our ability to quickly adapt our services to existing needs. We take projects all the way from earliest stages to late stage clinical studies”.

When time to market matters
When time to market really matters, Link Medical is the only European CRO who can guarantee reliable results. Over 40 per cent of all projects in the Link Medical portfolio are related to oncology and the development of cancer therapeutics. The acquisition of PCG Clinical Services supports this and fully incorporated, the pooled expertise of Link Medical and PCG Clinical Services will serve an even wider market.
After this acquisition, Link Medical as a group has more than 170 employees in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. Jan Hellqvist will also manage PCG Clinical Services, which will now change its name to Link Medical AB. Link Medical will now have almost 80 employees in Sweden and still growing rapidly. All locations in Stockholm, Malmö, and Uppsala will be kept.