Sön 26 jun / År 40 / Nr 3 2022

German technology to help prevent marine fouling

German Hasytec has no Swedish subsidiary yet but is setting up business throughout Scandinavia from Germany, Norway and Denmark. As shipping is a global business, the location of headquarters may not be that important, it is the time to market that is most significant, and Hasytec has no time to waste.

Traditional anti-fouling systems are usually very harsh and damaging to the marine environment. Hasytec has developed a revolutionary system for preventing fouling and marine growth based on ultrasonic waves. It is a system so efficient that it can even reverse growth in early stages, and most importantly – it does not harm the surrounding environment.

How is it possible?
Anti-fouling systems are sought-after in shipping and marine operations as growth on hulls, propellers, offshore constructions and so on can inhibit key functions. In shipping, it is mostly related to an increase in fuel consumption which is like to be the case if the hull is covered in biofilm, for example.
There are many ways of preventing fouling, but few are environmentally friendly. Hasytec’s solution, Hasytec Dynamic Biofilm Protection, is one of the few – but how does it work?
“Since the emitted ultrasound is running on several different frequencies which only avoid biofilm and destroy unicellular organisms, it does not harm the environment or complex living creature such as fish, dolphins, whales and human beings”, says Ole Nielsen, Managing Director of Hasytec Scandinavia.
The system needs a constant power supply but is easy to install on most vessels and offshore constructions. There is usually not even a need for the vessel to dry dock, which makes Hasytec’s system even more appealing considering the costs of down-time in shipping.

Here to stay
The Hasytec solution is widely implemented across Germany and parts of central Europe, as well as the United Kingdom. The next step is to make it on the Scandinavian market as well.
“Sweden has a lot of tradition and a great heritage when it comes to shipping. We want to be a part of this too, and we are most determined to upgrade traditions in anti-fouling to a modern, environmentally friendly solution with Hasytec Dynamic Biofilm Protection. We are here to stay, and we believe in a warm reception in the Swedish market”, says Ole Nielsen.
Ole Nielsen will attend the Donsö Shipping Meet in person, and is looking forward to meeting new potential clients at the event.